Aim to run for a charity

Hi everyone,I have kept slow profile so far,reading all your anecdotes and encouragements with each other.i am now starting W7 even though it has taken 9 weeks this far;I am taking this steadily and am enjoying it.My wife has a rare incurable condition and she is keeping in touch with other people with her condition on another forum.It was here that I discovered C25k.i,ve wanted to get back to running especially raising money for my wife's charity.We met each other through our love of long distance walking,and we had great plans when I retire sadly this is not going to happen but,of the two of us she has Avery positive attitude( good on her).ithought of getting back to running as l used to do it in my twentys in a club.This is this most gentlest way of encouragement to get to running for a purpose and I love it especially as I know what iam doing it for.Your are all an inspiration,and a special welcome to all the newbe,s Thanks,stevy


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  • Welcome stevy and what a great way to do something that will not only be of benefit to you but also to others. I hope it gives you a sense of purpose and control during a challenging time. I also enjoyed a bit of runnning in my 20's before years of inactivity set in! I was 49 when I decided to take up running again using this programme because I wanted to be a better example to my two children. It has changed my life (honestly, it has!) and I completed my first HM a few weeks ago at the age of 51(52 now though😕) with dreams of many more to come! You are already so far through the programme and I hope feeling the benefits. Do keep us posted as to how things are - we're a caring, sharing bunch on here!🙂

  • Thankyou Sandraj,Iam especially a shy person,my wife is not,she brought my true personality out am grateful to her.i am looking forward to the challengers ahead and for good reason I aim to finish C25k in3weeks hopefully without another hospital visit ;we had 54 visits last year.i love the freedom of running now,also walking but ,I do it alone.i enjoy what ever the weather throws at me especially astrong wind.i come back exhausted but, that's nothing to what we are both going through.I shall make an especial effort to let everyone know my progress. Thanks again🙋😊 Stevy.

  • It took me about three months to graduate, and with about 3.5 k at that :)

    Best wishes for your Charity runs :)

  • Many thanks 😊 Irishjohn,ihave been anonymous but,I,ll keep you allposted on my progress.

  • Welcome aboard😊

  • many,many thanks donkey whistler😃 Stevu

  • Welcome Stevy. What a terribly sad, difficult and stressful time you are going through. Running has so many benefits, apart from the getting fitter bit, I'm sure you'll find it a tremendous help. It obviously doesn't make problems go away, but it's great for getting a bit of personal "me" time and clearing the head. Plus the bonus of being able to make plans for running for a charity that obviously means a lot to you.

    Best wishes for your running journey, and this really is an incredibly supportive bunch, so keep posting and we'll be here for you.

  • I am sorry if it seems asad way to introduce myself.My wife will probably "Clobber " for being so negative.She is hole- heartedly behind me on this running for charity.As it is an unknown one,amongst so many other charity's.The other reason,as she says it get me out of the house.I have reignited my old childhood love of running.There obviously an aim to this but I want to continue running now just for the share? Joy of it,hopefully well into my eighties.Stevy.

  • Welcome and happy running. Doing an event for your wife's charity sounds like a wonderful goal. I'm off running with a head injury right now but am looking to find a local event in support of brain injury because it feels like the best way to combine my recent struggles and my love of running.

    Your wife sounds like a lovely woman. My partner and I also love hiking and long distance walking, it's certainly not for everybody. Long walks are the closest thing to what my childhood idea of an adventure is. Of course, now I like combining running and walking.

  • Thankyou runswithdogs,Yes! my is alovely woman,though I drive her nuts sometimes,she encouraged me to doC25k,I try help her as much as possible,she is aware that need something else to occupy me I love going out for walks,and now also running this is agreat way to get back to exercise my legs. I not am going to wreck my health doing,especially with my as she is.i admire you for what you are doing keep it especially what you,ve been thro.Stevy

  • Hi Stevy, Good for you for taking on the c25k plan and with your plans to raise money running for charity.

    The plan is great in so many ways, building our confidence and stamina and actually making 'proper' runners out of us. Your runs also give you some valuable 'me' time which will be important as you are both going through difficult times with your wife's condition. Your wife sounds lovely and you obviously think the world of each other.

    Good luck with completing the plan..keep posting so we can support you and cheer you on. x

  • Many thanks,Jan-now -runs; both of us have our "ups and downs".l will certainly keep you all posted as l am now at the stage,W7 which is daunting.

  • Ah..Week 7 yes, non-stop runs from now on..

    It may feel daunting, but this is where it all comes together. As you will have read on this forum, the way ahead is to start the running section slowly, let your body adjust, push through the first 8 to 10 mins then you will begin to relax and find your legs take over and your breathing is settled.

    Go you...onwards and upwards😊

  • Hi Jan,During my run yesterday I noticed my breathing more than anything;after all the other runs my body recovered Ok,but I've found my breathing constricting-tried different ways of breathing but maybe should not be so"hungup" about it!

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