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Kallyfudging the great Manchester parkrun south Manchester

Got to parkrun today, managed to wakeup early enough to eat something, peanut butter on toast. Also ate well yesterday in preparation. Was hoping to knock about 30 seconds off my PB. Managed to pace myself better at the start, was also listening to very over-the-top music from a game I've just started called Doom (the 2016 one soundtrack is amazing) anyway I found it quite funny.

Around the last K a guy overtook me wearing what I thought was a running number, I thought that's a bit odd maybe he is testing it to see if it falls of? Then I twigged, ahh... he is a pacer, and its 1:30 quicker than my PB, so I tried to follow him to the end, not quite managing it but not far off.

I got to the end, managing a bit of a "sprint", wondering to myself why the hell am I doing this? I thanked the guy afterwards and asked him about local running clubs he is from chorlton runners, they all have waiting lists I think. I also spotted someone I knew and talked to them.

Walking home I felt very low for some reason. The results came up pretty quickly, I always prefer to scroll through the list to see my name rather than checking it directly, a bit like unwrapping a present. Knocked 1:18 off my previous PB and ran 3:34 faster than 4 weeks ago. I knew I was faster due to the pacer guy but didn't really believe it! He did say he was a bit slow. Reading that lifted my mood up a lot, now listening to more DOOM music and feel good. I've taken a sledgehammer to my PB again, pretty soon they are going to want to check I'm not taking performance enhancing drugs :D , just antidepressants and doom music :)

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" Ive taken a sledgehammer to my PB again " Ha ha , love it ! :-)

Well done Kally !

Ah Chorlton Runners , they are always really well represented at events, most of the races I have taken part in, there is always a lot of runners from there. Why not enquire about joining, if you fancy it ? There will be lots of them at the GMR this year, no doubt .

I am so pleased to read that youre feeling good , you should be so proud of yourself for smashing your PB to bits !

Enjoy the rest of the weekend :-) xxx

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Good result - well done!

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Great effort, that's a huge chunk off your pb!

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Well done, Kally! 💪


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