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Err what just happened!?

Well, I got up early and with quite a bit of fear I went to my first session at the gym followed by what I thought was going to be run three, week five. The dreaded 20 minutes. Five minutes in and I was thinking I'd never make it then disaster. My MP3 player packed up. Normally I would use this excuse to give up, but for a chance at a new mind set I just switched it off and kept running until I got home. I've just checked Google and I ran non-stop for 3.7 km. I'm shaking all over but I am glad I didn't give up.

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Nice. I don't know if I could continue running without my music. Hopefully when I get to W5 I'll be able to do what you did. Congratulations


Stick with the plan! Don't do too much at this early stage as it could end in tears. You will be fine if you go carefully

Have fun!


Well done for getting one over on those gremlins. I wonder if your 3.7 k corresponds to the 20 minutes... if it does, you're a speedy runner :) I'd get yourself a more reliable MP3 player for the rest of the programme - as MW says, you shouldn't overshoot the running times too much or you might hurt yourself.


Well done that's the big one done

Keep going


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