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First 5k race this evening - Park Hall 5k

I ran my first race this evening the Park Hall 5k organised by the Oswestry Olympians. I had three objectives, to finish, not to come last and to come in under 30 minutes.

All three were achieved and with my new Garmin forerunner I know my split times

1 - 5:58

2 - 5:59

3 - 5:41

4 - 5:50

5 - 6:03

Not sure what happen to the 5th Km as I had targets in site to chase down but could not find the extra pace. But it was a good evening and the sun shone. Not sure how many runners there were but was over 125.

I was a little surprised to find I knew two other runners and also one of the stewards, my post man :-)

Ellesmere 10k is now in the diary for August. But back to the local roads in the mean time following the Liz Yelling half marathon plan with the Great North Run as my target for September.

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Well done you! Three great targets and all achieved :)

Those are great splits. That last km shows how much effort you put in all the way through. Who cares if it was the slowest? You did it! :) :) :)

Have fun training for your next events.


Thanks RNB, you will have to tell me the origin of that handle some day.


It's literally where I run, although sometimes I go down to the sea front in the city, so then I'd be runninginbeirut....

What about you - is that a random number generator thing you've got going there?!


with the benefit of hindsight not the best choice, it was an ID number I had for something that has been stuck in my head forever. It never occurred to me that I would be posting the odd item and replying to others so was not worried about using anything meaningful but for the record the physical world knows me as Ray and I run around the hills near the Powys / Shropshire border.


Wow, that is great times for your first race. Well done! And good luck with the training for the 10k and half Marathon (I'm also training for a 10k in August and a half marathon in October)


Thanks Tomas, good luck with your own training.


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