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Sore ankle - gutted

W6R2 done, tiring but ok. BUT as soon as I stopped running my left ankle was really sore, had limp home rather than cool down walk. I didn't notice twisting it or anything but it's swollen now and I can't see me running in next few days. I was really looking forward to getting through the longer runs after cracking Week 5. Worried with time off I won't have the motivation to get back out there.

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Oh dear! The first thing you need to do is RICE: Rest, Ice (at intervals), Elevation, Compression.

A similar thing happened to me - I ended up taking 2 weeks out of the programme and had to go back a week once I started up again.

It is very annoying, but you have to look after your body, so don't push yourself to go out injured.

Keep up the RICE regimen for a week or so, then see if it is improving. If not, maybe see the doctor - who might prescribe anti-inflammatories. But don't start running again too soon.

Don't worry about motivation - come back to this forum and you'll find plenty of encouragement.

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Why would you not be motivated? Just remind yourself why you started this caper, and that should be all the motivation you need

Your ankle will be fine I'm sure. Lots of us got niggly, puffy ankle syndrome at he start, I know I did.

Get back on it as soon as you can so you don't lose momentum. 😀

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It is indeed frustrating, however here is my recent experience, fell whilst training with much better runners two week ago and on the following day pain in both ankles, so I did Rice, ( ish ) for a week then started to run again first two gentle runs were ok but Thursday went out with the big boys and pinged my ankle again. so lesson is wisdom in here is invaluable.

SO two weeks of RICE for me before I run again , shall start looking into that diet in the meantime :-)

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