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Advice please, aching leg (just the one!)

Hi everyone,

I need some advice please. I graduated back at the start of September last year, after starting the Couch25k programme for the 2nd time. The 1st time, I was on the injury couch for 6 weeks with a torn cartilage in my left knee. That healed and when I went back to the GP was told I probably have nerve damage in that knee.

Well things were ok, and I graduated and have been running regularly 3 times a week, 2 runs in the week of around 4km, and a longer one at the weekend around 6-7km.

For a while my left leg (the injured one) has been aching soon after a run, and the day after a run (never during a run though).... then this last 3 or 4 runs that leg has really been aching, to the point of keeping me awake at night. Only during one run (my longer weekend run did it start aching during the run). Normally it would be fine again before my next run, but now it seems to be aching continuously, and this has been going on for 3-4 days.... I do warm up before a run, and warm down afterwards, and do the odd stretch here and there.

Any idea what might be the problem?

Many thanks

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Could be DOMS, always stretch the legs WELL afterwards, and maybe do leg strengthen exercises, the knee's been through some trauma, so build up, with intervals starting off slow then if you feel like going faster ramp up the pace for a spell then slow down and so on.. Hopefully it'll ease off and fade away..😊


Thanks for the advice davelinks, I try some extra strengthening exercises, and perhaps do a few interval runs.

Thanks again


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