Couch to 5K

Finally done it & feel great !

Well folks I finally completed my 3rd run of week 9 on Saturday so I guess that means I've officially graduated. It was tough going at times but thanks to the well structured program and lots of encouragement from you wonderful people on this forum I've managed to run 5K three times now and feel fantastic. (Haven't quite got it in 30 minutes yet, but got close at 33 min.) Next step is to have a tentative go at a park run...

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Well done and congratulations. I am sure you will love Parkrun.

You will still progress loads from here and the 30 minute 5K will come in time but certainly don't get hung up on it. A mixture of slow (maybe longer?) runs and the occasional quicker effort will help to balance improved leg strength and aerobic capacity.


Well done on graduating, and you are actually quite speedy in my book😊🎉🎉🎉

Keep enjoying your running and don't forget to ask for your graduation badge on the pinned posts at the bottom of the page...

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Huge congratulations Graduate!!!

Speed will follow, if you wish it too... maybe try the C25K+ podcasts...Speed and Stamina are my two personal favourites... Stepping Stones... a bit weird, as many of us have felt, but worth a try anyway :)

Then so many new things to do... strides, intervals, walk/run and then when you are ready maybe... move to the Big School...Bridge to 10K forum... we are a really friendly bunch and you will get some great advice if you want it to help you on the next stage of your running journey. You will recognise loads of friends there :)


The new badge suits you :)


Well done 🏃🏃🏃


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