Couch to 5K

anybody use running/walking apps? also week 3 done!

whats your recommended? i currently use run keeper and think its pretty spot on and like the audio stats it gives you :) also the start of week 4 for c25k, again i found it pretty easy and to be honest days 2 and 3 i just did the warmup/warmdown and jogged the rest at around a 10 minute a mile(10:05 overall according to the app) pace and felt comfortable. cheers!!

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I think folks use Runkeeper here, and Endomondo. I just used C25k, C25k+ and the Bridge to 10k on my mp3 player as I don't have a phone

Anything that helps you get round is ok by us

Take your time! Go steady. So many folks come off the rails by going too quick, too soon, and get hurt. There's absolutely no need for speed for the programme

Have fun!


sorry cant help it :), ive got that running bug, something ive never felt from running before. and i love it! also this weeks walking average 16611, and that why i now love my job haha


Well, so do I but i got hurt by overdoing it. 9 months of not running nearly drove me insane. I got a serious shin splint which put me out. Too much too soon was the cause

OK now and running again thank goodness but lesson learned

The weather is turning, lighter mornings and nights so we have more opportunity to get out there and get some running done. Good int it!

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I used to use the Runtastic app before I got my Garmin. I noticed just for today (Sunday) their Runtastic Pro app is free if anyone is interested on iTunes Store as it is normally £2.99 I think.


Runkeeper is fine and to be honest all of the popular apps (Strava, Endomondo) etc. are much of a muchness. The limitation of phone based apps is the GPS hardware of the phone which will be less accurate/reliable than that of dedicated GPS watches/devices.


Take the advice from those in the know and go steady.. follow the programme... guaranteed to get you to 30 minutes run safely and injury free, time for speed and distance comes later.

As misswobble says, it is very,very easy to come unstuck and hurt yourself... It really is a journey not a race... :)

I used C25k, C25k+ and the Bridge to 10k ( Sami Murphy app too :)


idk. 12 minute a mile jog seems extremely steady and is probably my baseline level. defo having the rest days though, i stretch off before and after.


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