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Injured foot!

On Wednesday after about 3K a pain started in my right foot I stopped running and when I got home sat with an ice pack on. If the pain on Wednesday was a 10 it's now maybe a 2 - as well as the ice I've got my foot strapped up. The pain is there only when I put pressure on the foot and the pain is only on the outside of the foot in the middle part. Does anyone have any idea what I've done to my foot? I didn't run on Friday but am hoping to run again on Monday if I have zero pain.

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Don't run til it is comfortable to do so. A few days off will not hurt your progress. It's hard to know what you have done as we have no expertise on diagnoses

Keep up with the ice! Epsom salts baths aid inflammation too. You could have a foot,soak while watching telly.


misswobble I did over 160 5Ks last year without a twitch - about three weeks ago thought I'd try and shake up my running a bit - think I'm going to go back to my old ways ;)


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