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That's what Sunday evenings are about!

It's been a busy week, and I have 553 pages of job applications to read between now and the shortlisting meeting on Tuesday, so I needed my regular Sunday evening run! 😉

Got in from church, grabbed a few dates and a drink, got changed and headed out again to drop Teen Rainbow off. I'd been feeling a bit woozy earlier so decided to forget all about hopes of running 5k+, but to just see what I could manage.

The idea of a long run was still appealing, though, so I decided to just go up and down a fairly long, fairly flat road as many times as I felt I could, and see how that went. So off I set.

Five minute walk was almost exactly 0.5k - and I'd just changed RunKeeper this evening to give me updates every 0.5k instead of just every 5 mins, on the basis that if I'm wanting to build up towards 10k it's probably most helpful to have that count rather than time, with distance given in miles!

Anyway, time to run. I managed a couple of out-and-backs before I felt the need to add in a couple of the crescents which go off this road. At 3km I had a 30s walk before I decided that was unnecessary and I'd listened to my mind not my legs. Same again after 3.5k. But after that I decided to just keep going and get to that magic 5k. Of course, once that was in sight and I was still doing ok, the idea of adding in another half km was to appealing. So I did!

5.5km in 42 mins. Happy with that! 😊

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Nice update, RC! See if you can find the word 'parkrun' or 'running' in those applications :-)

And good to hear that you faced down the gremlins, and got to your planned 5.5km. I was up at dawn (jetlag), had a 6km run in Austin, Texas around Lady Bird Lake, and then headed off to Austin Gateway Central.

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Not one runner so far... and I got to nearly half way through before looking at the time and realising I should be asleep!

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Would this be a job that would settle me over there? :)


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