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How can breathing be so difficult? (C25k+ Speed)

Ok, so this evenings run was never going to be my best ever. Hungry, and absolutely exhausted after two very busy days at work. But I went out anyway, fortified by a handful of my favourite crisps. ;)

I like doing intervals on a Tuesday evening, for some reason, so Speed tonight. Even in the first five minutes running, my breathing didn't feel as comfortable as usual. And after the third quick run interval I gave in and walked, just to try and let my lungs recover since they were suffering more than my legs! That helped, but I also walked a bit after the fourth and fifth fast intervals - not what I was hoping to do when I set out, but definitely needed tonight.

Oddly, the quick bits felt as though I was running somehow 'better' than usual - maybe smoother, with longer strides. I don't know if that meant I was working harder and therefore it impacted the breathing, but I just didn't find a rhythm which worked properly the whole way through.

So a mixed run. But still good, and far better than if it hadn't happened! :)

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This is exactly what I do when doing Speed. Actually the slower runs are fast for me! So i try to run every fast run, but have to slow down to a walk for the less fast runs. My aim is to run more of the less fast as well as the fast sessions. I am up to running all fast sesssions and now three of the slower sessions too!

We can do this, lets keep going 🏃🏻‍♀️😀


You can't expect to perform feats of strength, stamina or endurance if you're tired and not fuelled up.

Write it off. The next one will be fine I bet 🙂 🏃‍♀️💪😀🥛

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Absolutely. Might even manage it on Thursday this week... :) I stretched properly when I got home though, so should feel better tomorrow than I did yesterday :)


Yes, the fast ones are ok (or at least, why're the ones I make myself get through!), but I find the slow 150bpm just too uncomfortably slow. It's not that I'm usually quick - I'm really not! - but I find the slow runs harder mentally than the quicker ones! At least the first 5 mins feels a bit better now than it did the first time round! ;)

But yes, I'll keep persevering :)

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