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Running too far?


Since I changed to four times a week, aiming for 3 x 5 and a 10, I have been getting greedy. Well it has been great to run for an extra day a week and a year on from graduation, my legs feel good and strong. I'm not entering any events, just doing it purely for my own enjoyment and nice and steady at between 7-8 minutes per km depending on the ground. Week 1 of 4 runs I did 25 km, week 2 I did 29 and this week I have done 32. I think I need to steady up this week but once I get a taste for it, I just keep ambling along and the "just one more km" thought pops into my head. Running is one of the most enjoyable parts of my week right now and I think I have a lot on my mind so I see it as a break for my brain!! Do you find it hard to be reasonable with your running?

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I think I am more careful now after I got a bad case of shin splints. I am doing quite a few miles though but I try and not run everyday. next week I am tapering as it's race day on Sunday 😀


What you are doing sounds perfect... my only limitation to running more is my life, otherwise I would be running 10k every day and loving it!!


Methinks that you will shortly be thinking about an event ending in "thon"

You are doing very well.


I also graduated a year ago and decided to go out 4 times last week, mainly in an attempt at a stronger/faster Parkrun. So I do bridge to 10K twice a week (on week 2 now), a shorter interval session and the 5K Parkrun. I felt ok but if it gets too much I can always drop one. I also try to fit in 1-2 flex /strength sessions on non running days.


Yes definitely, I'm the same with the "just 1 more km" thought! But like misswobble I have to be careful now after giving myself shin splints last year. I was training for a 10k (and am back on that now) but was increasing my kms too quickly. Got to 8.5km then had to stop for two months and it was back to starting with 5k after that. So I'm very wary of the fact that just because I can run further, doesn't mean I should! I stick to a very strict training plan to avoid injuring myself. Not being able to run for those two months was the worst thing!!


Yes it's dire! I am on a 10k training plan too and my race is next Sunday.

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