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Evening run for a change

I usually go out in the morning stupid early but I haven't been waking up early enough these last couple of weeks. So tonight on the spur of the moment I decided to go out as soon as I got home. I'd already done a warm up bike ride home so kit on, out the door I went.

It was certainly different starting off in daylight and running into the dusk. It's usually the other way round, apart from in winter when it's still dark in the morning even when I come home. I even saw a heron taking off from the pond in the village. Makes a change from ducks!

I have to say I am LOVING the new trainers. It was a storming run, I almost got a 5k in 30 minutes, was just 30 seconds over that which is a PB for me :) Total run 7k in 43 minutes, nice :D And the knees are fine too!

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I work from home most days and run at all different times of the day. As long as I am fed and watered, it doesn't seem to make much difference to my performance or energy levels.

In is only in the heat of summer that I deliberately set out to avoid the highest temperatures and schedule runs for early morning or late evening.


I always run in the morning, alarm set for 5am! I find that suits me better, I have quite a physical job so the motivation/energy isn't there for the evenings so find if my alarm is set early then there's no excuses!


Well done - that sounds like a super run and a great time. It's good to mix up the time of day you run sometimes too, I think. ☺

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