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All Clear

So Had a phone consultation with the Dr today as I have had a dodgy belly for almost 2 weeks after having a bout of what I can only think of as Gastroenteritis. My Dr thinks it's the bacteria in my belly creating bloating and pain. I have been told to take Acidophilus as I am allergic to Dairy. Hope to see improvements in a week.

I also had a check up at the Chiropractor and for the first time ever I was told all good... No charge! so had a little chat and will now just be popping in when I think I need a little attention. Soooo happy!

Wk1 Run3 has been postponed until tomorrow while I celebrate with diet pancaked and homemade blueberry compote which takes me to 1330 cals!

Happy days!!

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Lots of non-dairy yoghurts around now. I'm eating them at the moment as a post-antibiotic course. Almond milk, coconut milk.

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I love the Alpro Vanilla. There are some lovely things out now. When I first went Dairy free there wasnt much without going to a health food shop. Now there are more things in the supermarkets every week x


There are. Some horribly expensive. Alpro, who were, if not the nicest, were cheap, have been bought by Danone, so their stuff is now off my menu.

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