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My Super Saturday!

Tonight I decided to mix things up and try a route that I had struggled with the last time I followed it. Well, not only did I manage it no problem, but I had enough left in the tank to keep going and cover 6.9k. That's the furthest I have run so far!!!

10k feels like it's within reach 😀😀😀🏃♀👍

I ran with MapMyRun! Distance: 6.86km, time: 41:36, pace: 6:04min/km, speed: 9.90km/h.

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Of course it's within reach! You just have to take care getting there. Slow but sure will get you there, no worries. A little bit further each time and 10k will be in the bag.

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My goodness that is quick! Well done - 10k is in your sights :)

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