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Back Again!

I started Couch to 5K towards the end of the summer last year and did really well until week 5. I was started running outside but then added indoor treadmill work as it got a bit darker in the evenings.

As a non runner previously, and being about 4.5 stones overweight (I have lost 5 stones) I struggle with running, in particular with my breathing. I tended to hold my breath rather than breath steadily which caused me to gasp for breath and soon feel pretty exhausted. Following the plan however, I was able to build up my running and managed the 20 minute run non stop.

But that's exactly where I stopped in the plan. I couldn't get my head around the next stages in the plan and gradually stopped running regularly.

I have discussed this at the gym with one of the trainers there and we agreed that it is fear that is holding me back and that I am scared to move forward. I do want to complete the 5K and so have registered for my local Race for Life at the end of June where I hope I will feel able to run the course.

I have started the plan again and I am now on Week 5 which has the 20 minute run at the end of it. I'll let you know how I get on and if I feel up to the challenges ahead of me. It is beginning to get lighter in the evenings so I know it won't be long before I can enjoy the outdoors once more.

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Well done, seems like you've already got your head back into it. You can do it!

As a new runner myself Im glad to see I'm not the only one who struggles with breathing properly on a run. And fingerscrossed the lighter evenings give you some more encouragement!

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Thanks. I have to make a conscious effort to think about my breathing to ensure I keep a rhythm going. I'm hoping it will become second nature eventually.

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I breathe in time with my steps - in for three and out for two. It took a bit of getting used to at first, but now it's just what I do. :)

I absolutely identify with the fear of the longer runs - although most people seem to be pleased when they get to the end of the intervals, I've been scared of it every time (and I've done this plan in full 3 times in the past 4 1/2 years, as well as a few abortive attempts!). This time I finally seem to have got to the point where I mostly enjoy the longer runs, but intervals always sound more appealing! ;)


That's so brave to come back to it. I tootook runner and nobody is more amazed than I am that II now about to commence week 8! I still find it bloody hard and I struggle and wonder when I will be able to run with ease, but I keep telling myself I can do it. And give up (often out loud!). It's very much a mental exercise as well as physical. Let us know how you get on.


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