Hello, strangers!

I bet most of you don't remember me, but I graduated in Aug last year. I carried on running through Sept then...I got called to work for an agency, starting at 7.45am and not getting home til late. I am sorry to say that while I was getting used to the hours (& getting tired!) Over the winter months I let running slide 🙁 I didn't mean to. It just happened that way. Well, I am off work this wk so I thought "let's start running again!" Hoping that if I reach the heady heights of 10 mins I would be happy! But on Monday I managed 20 mins! On Wed, 25 and today I did 27 mins. I was up to 37 mins in the summer but I don't think I have done too badly, considering I over indulged at Christmas and put weight on. So...I am promising myself that now it's lighter nights I am going to run 3x a week again and build my stamina and confidence back up!! And I will make sure I don't let running (or posting here!) Slide again! 😀

Nic xxx


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6 Replies

  • Good for you! Never let it slide again. Wags finger! You'll soon get back into it, get the weight off and up your fitness levels. Spring is springing so go for it

    Have fun!

  • Welcome back! That's pretty good going - you haven't lost too much fitness. With spring hopefully springing any time now you'll find it easier to get out.

  • Thanks ladies, and thanks for saying I haven't lost too much fitness! I really thought I had. I enjoyed Christmas a little too much lol! Will keep going now lighter nights are here. 😀

  • Hi and welcome back!!!

    No sliding now.. even if we have snow ! Happy Days!

  • Thank you! I have only had positive replies...was worried someone might say "never darken our message boards again!" Lol 😉 tbh I feel a bit daft for not keeping up with it but a new, high pressure job, late and dark nights and Christmas were all too much! I am so glad I took the hardest step which was actually deciding to get out there again.

  • I think on here, we all know how life can really get in the way. :) The hard bit, is as you say, getting out there again.. and you did that.

    Being back and posting will motivate you more too.. everyone is so, so supportive. It makes us want to run and share our feeling of well being.. :)

    Now the days are slowly improving... it gives us that glimmer of warmer, longer days to come :) Nice to have you back with friends x

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