Hiya strangers!! xo

So sorry to have been so absent - lots going on at the minute.

But I thought of you all this morning, and feel like I'd like to share a short story.

So I completed the program (see "graduate" badge) at the beginning of December. Then a series of injuries kept me on the couch for a month. So I've tried easing myself back into it - tried W5, and that went well, so only did it twice... same for W6, W7, &c. So this morning, I'm determined that I don't care about speed, that I wanted to complete 5km. The treadmill only reads in miles, so beforehand, I Google "5km in miles" and find that I need to cover 3.1miles. Easy peasy. So I start out, note that my warm up walk equals 0.3 miles, so my finish "line" will be 3.4 miles - right? Only something happens - I accidently pull the emergency cord on the treadmill, the belt stops, the screen resets.... now where was I? I remembered! Great! So I then ran for another 20 (yep) minutes to reach what I thought was my goal, only to realize that although I did great remember where I was, it got muddled in my brain, and I thought that number was my target. What does this mean? I did 5.04 miles. 5.04 miles. Plus a warm down walk of another 0.3... which means I did... 8.5 km. 8.5. Kilometres. My work colleague said "well at least you weren't - like - dying." She's wrong. I was. Dying.

On the brighter side, I did more than 8 km in a single run!!! PB!!

When has maths let you down? lol


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8 Replies

  • All the time! I am kerapp at maths and sometimes on runs it does my head in. Oh well, it's the running wot matters at the end of the day.

    Anyway, you did it! Go you!!!!! You only went and bloody did it! Can you believe that! Have you celebrated? I hope you have! It's great when you nail a run, especially an important one

    Well done !

  • I love you, Miss Wobble. Thank you. :-)

  • Mostly in a Maths exam :)

    Go you.. you runner you!!!!

  • Oldfloss!! xo Thank you :)

  • I ve sorted the maths, just ask my son for the answer teehee. That was a terrific run, well done. Looks like the 10k is very very close 😃👍🏼

  • It was difficult, the gremlins were deffo weighing me down, but I beat them. I'll tell you something for nothing: I have no concerns about running the 5k I've signed up for in April now!

  • I'm sure it was oxygen-starvation befuddling your normally razor-sharp brain ;-) Well done, that's quite a comeback run.

  • Oh - I think you and I are going to be good mates. Thank you!! :)

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