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W8 Day 2 revisited

Today I completed day 2 of week 8 after my practice run 2 days ago. A few glitches with new iPhone at the start and I had to abort the program & start again so my warm up walk was probably a bit too long but hey ho. I'd forgotten that I had started the Fitbit GPS with voice cues and was a bit confused when both the Fitbit & Michael Johnson started talking at the same time telling me how far and long I had run for. I wasn't looking forward to the run tonight after Sunday's run and a long busy day at work today, so it was a bit gruelling to start off with. 15 mins into the run I had a nice, steady pace and was in the zone and before I knew it there was Michael telling me that I had done all my running whoo hoo! I could have run further but didn't want to go off program so slowed down to a brisk walk for 5 minutes. As I turned the corner into my village I suddenly had an idea! why not do a Facebook live video of me running?, after all, how many people have remarked that they have only ever seen my static photos post run and ask "do you just put your kit on, pose & get 1st born to take your photo?" the cheek of it! :) So I set it all up, clicked the "live video" on Facebook and started running down the road, got halfway & turned round to head home. I was feeling so good and my legs were well & truly warmed up so I sprinted the last 10 yards or so....Wow, what a rush! such a difference to 9 weeks ago when I wouldn't have thought of sprinting anywhere. x

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Wow! Well done!

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