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That was amazing! Following the solid 20 minutes of Wk5R3 I did think I'd find this one easy- I didn't, I couldn't wait for the 8 minutes to end! However then followed the next 5 minutes, then it ended and I still had boat loads of energy so I kept going... and I still had loads of energy.. so I legged it.. before I knew it, I was home. And I felt amazing! (Still do)

I doubt it's going to be something I do often- not now with the longer runs coming up - but I'd had a crap day, and that made me feel so much better!! Bring on R2 😁🤸‍♀️💪🏻

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EFox89 how I hope and pray that I can say something similar very soon - managed the W5R3 today and so it's onto W6R1 in a couple of days. I had a personal trainer with me today for my W5R3 who told me that if I had enough breath and energy during the run to grumble to him and keep saying I need to stop then it wasn't physical it was mental. I just have a feeling he could be right, but it's bloody hard work shuffling along and grumbling and panicking to find out for sure.


I think the hardest fight when your running is mental, sometimes I can't wait for a run to be over then when it is I want to get back out there. Mind tricks I think. I mean sure legs ache lungs burn, but the program teaches our bodies to recover quicker through intervals and once you concentrate on the fact that yes, this hurts but I'll recover in 2 minutes when I stop, maybe this will help you overcome them hurdles :)

I think Wk5r3 is a massive challenge as it's the first significant block of running we've done in the program, and look you did it! Week 6 brings you back to intervals for 2 more runs, maybe they'll boost your confidence ready for the bigger runs nearing the end :)

Let me know how you get on with W6R1, sure you'll do great


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