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Wk 8 Day 2

It had to happen at some point- everything has gone well so far but today anything that could go wrong did go wrong. OH wanted to go this evening rather this morning to do his first day so I said I would go with him & do my run. I downloaded C25K to my new iPhone, set up a new file of running songs & set off & that's when everything went pear shaped. Volume on the phone went low & everytime the program kicked in, the music went lower & lower until I couldn't hear it at all. I was too hot having misjudged the outside temperature and to cap it all I tripped up over a piece of tree on the path. The volume on my phone finally became so quiet that I couldn't hear where I was in the program, the music was inaudible & I had had enough. I walked the last 5 minutes completely cheesed off. I am claiming today as a practice run & will do it again on Tuesday. Son in law to be sorted the phone volume...,it was the volume control on my headphones, they had been rubbing against my sweatshirt & turned down low. Well at least the day finished on a high as OH completed his first day. Looking forward to Tuesday when I will finally do Day 2 of week 8 😁

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That is, as they say, a bit of a bugger. I have written off several days when I didn't feel like it or some part of my body didn't - just count it as a training run and get back to the programme as and when. Good the hear you've got OH off the couch!

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