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Getting a buzz from week 6 run 3

Well well well. In just a few weeks I have gone from being barely able to run for 60 seconds to running for 25 minutes non-stop. And it didn't kill me. And I want more! It was tough for sure and I was glad when I heard "OK you can slow to walking now" but wow what a feeling. I know I can do this now and anyone else in the same position - you can do it too! I know there are tough tests to come in the next three weeks, but there is no way I am going to stop now. Already at my lowest weight for at least 20 years having lost three stone and only three to go until I am officially in the "healthy" range. Don't know how long it will take me to get there, but I will, be it in six months, a year, or two years. I went to a wedding at the weekend and was pleased that so many people noticed I had lost weight.

Keep up the good work everyone - seriously, if I can do this, then so can you

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Congratulations and well done. You are doing amazingly well. I have just completed W6R1. I couldn't run up the stairs before and had to grit my teeth with week 1 but I am amazed with my own progress. xxxx


Brilliant - well done you


Lovin' your buzz..😊

Well done and yes.. its totally addictive.

You are a runner now and will definitely start to look more toned now you are doing the longer runs regularly.Its all good.😊xx

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Yeah ! Well in, Webbo !

All straight runs now to Graduation, Onwards !

Keep going, youre doing great ! :-) xxx

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