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Fat Bloke Still Waddling!

I was 132kg at the start of this programme after being rendered useless after a car accident 18 months ago going to and fro from hospital and after emergency surgery being left on the couch!!

As my user name suggests I am a serious fat b@""@@@@!!! Who has had enough of being fat, so started this program..... 4 months later I am waddling 15kg lighter! with leg muscles like rock boulders!!

I'm attempting and completing waddles for 40 minutes three times a week and covering 6-8k steps, culminating to 5-6.8km each time I go out dependpant on my legs?!

My breathing / cardio is not hurting at all, breathlessness is not a problem whatsoever. My recovery walks are fine and I'm stretching after the waddles. I find breathing easy but i have seriously HEAVY LEGS restricting me to go faster????.......According to a "running shop" I visited last week.

The owner of this running shop thought I was Jeremy Beadle and laughed his head off and thought I was extracting the urine when I walked in!

They looked at me like I was a time waster but I wanted a shoe that supported my legs and weight. They offered me a shoe @£120???

I'm a novice and enjoy the back farm lanes where I waddle, as I am self conscious of people laughing at me. Can anyone suggest how i combat this and the heavy leg syndrome or suggest what I need to do or what I am doing wrong?

Is it something I have to go through until I've lost more weight or do I put up with it! Thanks for reading and your responses if made!


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Firstly, a huge WELL DONE to you for doing the programme and keeping going!

Secondly, find a different running shop where they'll be supportive and not judgemental.

Thirdly, £120 is about normal for proper good quality running shoes full price - I've managed to get mine in the sale both times I've bought them, and paid around £80 each time.

Fourthly, heavy legs. Trickier! Have you tried varying the kinds of run you do, so that sometimes you do a much shorter run, but do some speed intervals. Or do some hill work. Pushing yourself in these ways both makes the running more interesting as you have some variety, but should also help you to develop your 'normal' running too. In all honesty, I don't know whether your weight may also be a factor, but even if it is, you're already doing something about that and making great progress, so that will get better with time, too.

Happy running! :)


Wow. Inspirational post alert☺

Fantastic post and amazing weight loss. You must be super disciplined.

As RainbowC says, find yourself a new running shop. I am seething on your behalf!

I really struggle with heavy legs, it's like the top half of me wants to go skipping off but my legs just don't want to keep up. It has got better as I've gone on and getting proper shoes has helped a lot. Did you have a gait analysis at the shop? Finding out that I needed shoes with support rather than cushioning because I over pronate helped a lot I think.

The weight is an issue. Not 'your' weight, just being overweight in general. My running has definitely become easier as I've shed the pounds and I've got a few to go!!

I hope you'll keep posting and let us know how you get on. And hope that as you continue, the legs will get easier😊

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I am not sure there is a quick fix for the 'heavy legs', I am afraid.

117kg is still a lot of weight to be propelling forward. With that said, your leg strength will still improve a lot (having been running for 4 months you are still a relative beginner) and as your distances increase so will your calorie burn.

You are doing great, stick with it and you will feel the improvements, bit-by-bit.


Well done you, keep going, don't give up, you've come this far.

That doesn't sound like a proper 'running shop' to me, more like a high street chain, with people who know a little - which is a dangerous thing - I was browsing in one the other day, picked up some shoes I wanted to ask about as they had a more knobbly sole, I asked if they were trails or a hybrid, and the so called knowledgable assistant said 'they're for running', that told me everything............I went back to my local specialist shop....🤔

I've never heard of 'heavy legs' either, how would you know? Unless you chopped them off and weighed them?

People of all shapes, ages and sizes run, go to your local parkrun, you'll be more than welcome, and if you go to a specialist running shop, they don't care what you look like, or whether you want to run 5k, or a marathon, just that you want to run.....

Good luck, and don't stop!


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I would have said to those people in that running shop, 'second word is off, take your choice of the first'!!!! How bloody dare they!

Anyhoo, cracking job for getting as far as you have Seriouslyfatbloke it sure is inspirational! What week are you on? I'm running W6R3 today. I've still got 5.5 stones to shed and it has to be more difficult to move bigger legs. But, the more we run, the less they'll get (the muscles might even lengthen rather than stay bulky? I don't know!), but I'm looking forward to springing along rather than lumbering along. So for now let's lumber along together :D ...xx


I don't know the answer regarding heavy legs, but wanted to say a huge WELL DONE you for going out there and doing what you are doing after such a horrible accident left you couch bound!

I'm shocked and surprised at the running shop to be honest, they need a lesson in people skills, how rude and how upsetting for you. I would be tempted to write to the manager of the shop and complain.


I found my local specialist running shop snooty and very expensive so I went to Decathlon. It took a while to get hold of an assistant but once I did she was really helpful. She did a gait analysis and recommended shoes of various prices: I think mine cost around £80.

So impressed by your determination. I hope it gets easier as you continue building your strength and shedding kilos. Good luck!


First things first, notquitesoseriouslyfatbloke, shouldn't you have a graduate badge next to your name if you've completed the C25K? That's all the armour you need to fend off eejits.

If they had the bad attitude you describe then maybe you can safely dump anything else they said. Do *you* feel as though it is big legs holding you back? (I imagine Usain Bolt has pretty big leg muscles for sprinting) And holding you back from what? What is it you feel you need to be achieving? What I am reading is something really rather fabulous and sustainable, and you say you are enjoying it.

I wonder if it would be worth you consulting a sports therapist? Other than that, perhaps look at your running gait. Clumping great pillows under your feet may not be the right answer for you, it could be that something more minimalist would encourage a different gait which would suit you better? It could be that you are trying to lengthen your stride, when maybe smaller quicker steps would work better for you. Just a guess.

First thing though, and very easy.... you are a runner, you go for runs. It's OK to say 'waddles' here for a laugh (it's a safe place to air our secret fears) but when you go out, the word 'waddles' will weigh you down. (And in any case you are faster than me.)


This is such an inspirational post and your grit and determination are obvious. I agree with the others - that's a shockingly horrible running shop experience but I admire the fact it didn't put you off.

If you go to a proper running shop and tell them your budget they'll offer you different options for shoes. I always go for previous year's models as they're cheaper than the latest models.

I think your "heavy" legs will feel better in time the more you run. Get plenty of walking in too if you can. Just keep doing what you're doing and please continue to post here. You're a runner therefore you're amazing 🤗


Wow you are doing so well. I agree with everyone above the running shop should be ashamed of themselves, I do hate it when other runners discourage runners with thoughtless words, there is no need for it whatsoever ever. I'm afraid the only offer of advice I can make is perseverance and keep coming back on here. You will always be made to feel a runner and part of this community. I remember when I started someone saw me on a walking break and made a joke about my running in the pub, everyone burst out laughing when I said I was a sporty type, I came home in tears, but a triathlon and two half marathons under my belt I think I showed them. Sometimes these thoughtless comments can bring out the stubborn and that can give a great boost. I'm afraid it's an average price for your shoes. Also if you think your waddling you will probably run like you waddle. I used to think I shuffled until I thought no, I run and consciously thought about each step not all the time but just every now and then and I'm sure I look and run better for it. Good form starts with the mind first then transfers to your muscles and joints, so next time your out try and think about your running form more and leave the thoughts of waddling behind. Keep on coming back and tell us how your doing.


Sorry, no idea, but well done you! Keep going and then you'll have to change your user name before you know it 😉


Can't add anything to the good advice given by the others, but wanted to offer my congratulates to you on how well you are doing and say that I respect you for making the effort to change and improve your life.

Four months is still quite early days and my advice is to keep getting out and running, with rest days, and enjoying what you are doing..improvements will follow.😊

Keep posting.xx


Dunder is spot on. Just for gosh sakes stick at it 😀 Walking is great too so do as much of it as you can, it chews up calories. I found as I got lighter I felt a new spring in my step, but it takes time. I trust you are now eating a healthy diet too 🙂

There are some good running shoes out there that don't cost the earth. You can google for some for a guy of your weight before making any decision. It is best to try before you buy though. Most running shops have fully trained staff, often trainee physical therapists etc, who do this sort of thing in their spare time, or are runners themselves, so don't let your bad experience put you off. Just choose another shop.you could phone em up first to suss em out 😊

Running is hard til you get fluent in it, which comes as you build leg strength, which takes 18-24 months! Even then it's tiring 😊


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