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2nd week post programme

Hi all

I've been a little quiet since I completed week nine. After four days off which should have been less except for some unexpected rain I got back on the road again and did two runs last week. This week I've done one so far and hope to do three by Saturday evening. My runs last week were slow but this week I got some extra energy and upped the pace in the first half but slowed down again towards the end.

So far I've been using the week nine podcasts. Are there any recommendations for playlists post week nine?

See you all on the road

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There's a 5k+ podcast that can help post c25k I believe.. Look at stanima and speed etc

Hope this helps =)

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I'd say if you want to listen to your own music then just pick some of your favourite upbeat songs (perhaps put them in a playlist on the spotify app?). I usually do that and occasionally mix in a W9 podcast. Otherwise you could google some running songs with a relevant bpm if you know what kind of speed music you like when you run? There are also others like audiofuel which has music at certain bpm but think you have to pay for that. There are a variety of other running programme apps out there if you want structure or the C25k+ apps.

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