Weekly chat 2nd to 8th January πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£

Please feel free to share your runs here and chat about how it's all going, sometimes we don't feel like putting a whole post up but just want to share something small, so this is a great place for doing that during the week.

If your a lurker it is a great place to say a little hi without the pressure of a full post.

Wishing you all a happy healthy week.

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  • Thanks, and happy new year Juicy Ju πŸ™‚ I trust all is well with you

    I kicked off 2017 with a steady 10k yesterday. I am putting some timber on so the new year is the ideal opportunity to get to grips with it and reduce back to my usual racing weight.

    I think my black nail, earned during my September half marathon training, has been slowly disintegrating and is lifting. Yuk I think it might drop off soon. Ew 😷

  • Oh Wobble, "a steady 10k", how I wish . . . Hope your toe doesn't hurt too much when your nail finally departs from your foot. πŸ˜•

  • well done... putting on the timber?!!! love that expression!! black nail...yuck!!!

  • Went out this morning with a view to running 6.6k thus extending my longest run last week by 10%, hopefully carried along by my new playlist ringing in my ears (Blondie, a bit of Footloose to speed me up, that type of thing). Quite icy out this morning so ended up going out just before lunch. Music worked and I bowled along merrily - until I saw a camera pointing at me and a mate from camera club grinning behind it! So of course I stopped for a chat, but felt a little peeved afterwards that my continuous run had been interrupted - then reminded myself that this running lark is supposed to be fun, not an army exercise! And I got the miles in, which is the main thing. Just waiting for the pics to appear on FB lol. And yes it was nice to catch up with my mate :-)

  • well done you, and yes its been so cold but pretty too?

  • I got out yesterday evening late on, getting slippery underfoot, the delights of being a Graduate though mean that I didn't feel I had to do the full 30 mins - so I did 25, covering about 3.3km, which to be honest was enough - the two other runs last week were 34 mins 4.6km. Plan is (assuming the ankle is OK, it was twinging a bit last night) to do a parkrun this weekend. And the Treadmill arrives tomorrow!

  • well done..... and ooooo treadmill, that sounds interesting. Let us know how you get on. I cant use them at all, it just doesnt work for me!!

  • Super icy this morning - I nearly turned round and went home, but it turned out to be fabulous. Once I found a safe surface, I ran 30 mins non stop for the first time in absolutely ages, just because I didn't want to stop!

  • well done, and go careful!!

  • I did my first 5k yesterday morning in 35mins after graduating a few weeks ago. A great start to 2017 for me and hoping to steadily build on that. Happy running everyone x

  • woo hoo thats fantastic!!

  • Back to work today, so no more daylight running except (hopefully) at weekends now... But I collected my new running light yesterday, and it's charging today. I'll charge my new headphones tomorrow, so I'm all set for tomorrow evening.

    It's working out well this week - having run Monday, I'll then go tomorrow. And Thursday I'm having a day off work to go and see a friend, so we'll be doing lots of walking that day and I can't see that I'd want to run when I get back. Then Friday or Saturday - hopefully starting week 8 (gulp!) - might have to leave it to Saturday to give my legs a chance to recover!

  • ditto... its quite fun with a headtorch ... and well done on your progress :)

  • I am sulking because I will not be running for a second week due to crazy bug (I think it is just a cold but as I rarely get them I seem to have to double or treble the dose when I do)... and cross because towards the end of the year I was starting to get back to the times I was achieving before I had the last bug like this in May 2015.

    I'll be lucky if I get out for a walk. As will Google. Very pissed off that student son not helping with that one.

  • Yuck, I really hope you get better soon, take care x

  • I did my final late early morning run (if that makes any sense at all lol!) yesterday. Left the house at 7.30 and did a 6.5k run in 42 mins. Back to the super early runs from tomorrow as the school run starts again so I won't be able to go as far for a while :( I'll miss it, but even if I can still do the longer distance I'll need a new route as the one I have been running is a bit lonesome to be doing in the dark

  • Right, I'm declaring here and now that I will run this evening. I mean, I'm sure it's going to happen, since Mr Rainbow was trying to encourage me to run yesterday and I had to point out it wasn't a running day - so I'm sure he'll be shoving me out the door tonight. Half my mind wants to go and run, and the other half is full of gremlins telling me I'll be tired, won't be able to do it, it'll be dark etc. So I'm *going* to run tonight, it'll go well, and I'll finish week 7, right?

  • Hmph. Phoned home to make sure tea wouldn't be ready when I got in so Miss Rainbow and I could go running - turns out there's some furniture removal needs to happen first which might take five minutes (hah!), or could take an hour and leave me (us) exhausted. I'd just about got myself into the right headspace, too!

  • 13km on Jan 1st, 5km on monday morning. Hoping 5km thursday morning. It would be really nice to get back into the swing of 3 runs per week. December was a really grotty month for me, miserable cold that seemed to drag on for weeks, didnt feel like running, only ran 3 times all that month. This week I finally feel ok again. It's really weird when you have a cold that drags on that long time, you forget what it feels like not having a cold !

  • Hope it all goes to plan, Zev...

    I'm feeling frustrated. Having managed to do really well with my running through December, I turned my ankle on an uneven pavement while walking to a friend's house yesterday. It didn't feel too bad at the time, and I walked on it the rest of the day, but by evening the side of my ankle and heel were starting to ache quite a bit, and they're still doing it now. So no run tonight or tomorrow, and I'll just have to hope it's all feeling better by Sunday... Keen as I am to keep up the running, I'm not going to risk running on a tender ankle.

  • Less than a week after graduating and I am on the injury Couch! After my run on Friday my hip, thigh and knee started hurting and by bedtime it was unbearable - pain all down the left side. I had to dig out my old co-codamol from the bathroom cupboard and could not sleep until 3am. A bit of googling suggests to me this is a hamstring injury. It seems I should not run for a bit which is very disappointing. I have tried so hard to avoid this - wearing a knee support, only running on grass, not going fast.

    Any advice?

  • No advice at all, but lots of sympathy. How frustrating! :( Hope it recovers quickly, so you can get back out there again...

  • Started off run this morning feeling sceptical about getting back to level I was at before holiday, mince pie overlaod (extra 6lbs to shift) and dodgy weather disturbed my routine.

    I had up till middle of December been running nearly 6 1/2 K and for 44 minutes. also trying out podcasts. But over about 2 weeks holiday period managed to do mostly 3 runs but 30 minutes of running at best . Partly carrying extra weight but also extra pace of experimenting with podcasts making me a bit breathless. Perhaps not best time to experiment with new challenges (lesson learned). Nearly doing splits on slippy surfaces didn't help !

    However set out this morning and run went great. Nice temperature no frost. Did 42 1/2 minutes and 6.3K and about at 5K mark did in 34 minutes. Pace nice and slow and consistent listening to my familiar music and got up my final hill towards home without too much puffing and panting.

    Perhaps a bit better in some senses with more purposeful running technique which must have rubbed off from practising the podcasts ! My last kilometre which included my hill was more of a heavy plod but that it not unusual.

    So started out sceptical but finished on a high. Knowing I'd lost a pound in weight since last week think also helped. Still like a challenge so perhaps will for now will have 1 run for podcasts and keep others for possible change of route and build up to my 45 minutes running for my quest. Save other challenges for future quests and remind myself of what I tell others slow down "Where's the fire".

    As they say "If you don't buy a ticket in the raffle you don't win a prize !" Just have to get out the door. Glad I'm back on track.

    Happy new year and happy running !

  • Week 8 starts tonight... For some bizarre reason my legs feel tired and achy today, even though I've not run since Wednesday last week. But I'm going to do this. I really am! :)

    (The current state of things with the darling teenage daughters means that running is even more important, and I have every possible incentive to get out of the house and have 40 mins peace when I can!)

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