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Help! Starting fresh!

Hello everyone,

After some advice really, I almost (1 week away) completed this programme 2 years ago now, I stopped for various reasons, most of which I regret!

Anyway, I want to start over but I'm lacking in confidence, I now have a 6 month old son so my body has changed a crazy amount but I feel like now is the time to get back out there.

Does anyone have any tips or advise for a returning runner? Hopefully it'll be a bit more permanent for me this time! Just hoping for some words of wisdom!

Thanks :) Sophie

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Best advice is take the first step out the door, it is always the hardest one, it gets easier after that. It will all come back to you. Keep coming back and posting on how your doing and sharing, you'll be back In the swing of it all before you know it.


Hello Sophie89, congratulations on your choice to restart. I am also a restarter, I had an awful year last year for various reasons and completely undid all the good I had given myself in 2015. Deep breath, I don't normally post or reply at all on healthunlocked any more due to enormous feelings of failure, unworthiness etc. I had managed to lose nearly 3 stone, and that all went back on. I had graduated C25K, run parkruns, and then it all fell away; the weight went back on, health problems and gremlins ran riot through my body and mind.

Realfoodieclub says it all, just put on your gear and go! Many people have benefitted from undertaking NHS C25K who are much older than you and much less fit (I am guessing)- for example I am now 56 and a grandmother, 3 stone overweight and with a few health issues.

However, as a fellow restarter, I can honestly say that one of the best pieces of equipment you have going out the door is the knowledge that you HAVE done this before- it may be hard but when that kicks in keep saying to yourself 'I've done this before, I can do it again; I remember how great it feels to do this'. It really helps!

Also, second time around, there doesn't seem to be the same pressure (from me on myself) to have to go out every other day if life gets in the way; and I have told myself it's fine to repeat as often as I feel necessary. Having said that, I haven't repeated any run more than the required reps per week (I've just done W5R1)- but I did miss an entire week between W4 & W5R1. This may help to make it feel more achievable, and less daunting, and more worthwhile making the effort, particularly since you have childcare to think about before being able to slip your shoes on and take off...!

Good luck- go get em!


Read the early posts of graduates and all the doubt, fear and feelings of "I can't do this" we all had.

Then read the "I did it!!!!!!!" Graduation post of those same people.

Who wouldn't want THAT kind of feeling of accomplishment? :)

You know you can do that last week - all you need do now is basically practice to take it again ;)


Welcome back to the programme. If you got that far last time then you already know what to expect. Enjoy it all over again! :)


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