Couch to 5K

Procrastination with capital P

I should have done w3r3 on Wednesday but due to thigh pain I decided to have an extra rest day. Thursday I was out of the house 14 hours so no run but did walk about 7 miles. Today I woke still some thigh pain so I decided to put it off until the afternoon - then after I had done my shopping.

Eventually at 5pm I got on the the treadmill then feeling pretty tired and wishing I had come out in the morning!! Anyway managed to finish the runs put it was more of a shuffle by the time I had done the second 3 mins.

Monday will be my next run but I know it is 5minutes I will try it in the morning heres hoping.

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Oh dear, sounds like your not enjoying it? I obviously don't know your story, history, but I'm loving ( as a newbie) running outside. Have you got a local park, open space you can run in? The fresh air lifts your spirits, lots to look at, lots of distractions so the runs go quicker. Good luck , your obviously still super fit ( walking 7 miles ) I'm sure you can achieve whatever you want to👍


At least you went out and did it! Well done you. Week 4 up next!


Well done for doing it. Sometimes it's such an effort - even though you know you'll be glad you made the effort afterwards.

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