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I hate colds

After the upbeat positivity of last week I had been looking forward to w2r3 when over the weekend I was struck down with a humdinger of a cold. I am snuggled up with a hot water bottle as I write this. Feeling absolutely dreadful. Grrrr. I won't be able to drag myself out for a couple of days at least. Feeling very cross as I really, really want to make progress and get to the point where I can call myself a runner. Sorry about the whinge - just had to have a little moan.

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That's what we're here for😊 Tea and sympathy when necessary. Plus a few get well soon hugs. Keep warm and snuggly, the road and the running will be waiting for you when you're ready. 😊😊


Moan away.. many of have been or still are where you are :)

Big Snuggly Bug hug and get well, properly well before heading out again! :)


There's a lot of it about. Miss Rainbow II has come down with the same - so much so that she's off school today (which just about never happens cos we're mean!). Lots of fluids, lots of rest, then take it easy when you're properly recovered and ready to go back out :)


It's fine, the run will still be there when you're feeling better! There's no hurry! :) Hope you feel better.


Thanks kind people, your comments are really helpful and most encouraging as I am feeling very sorry for myself today. I'm also off school (and I'm not a pupil!!) and that causes me to stress a bit. But I think the best way to deal with this sort of stonking cold is to stay put and let it run its course.

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