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Not very graceful!

When I started off on the warm up walk for my W2r2 early this morning I thought one major bonus about starting to run is seeing my local area at rest. No traffic, no noise just the birds being busy. It felt lovely.

Only when it was time to start running did I realise how much black ice was lurking. A couple times my arms were doing windmills and I must of had my slam face ready.

Run completed thought- gonna celebrate with a cuppa

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When it's icy it's best to wait til later and hope the weak sun will melt it. You don't want to fall and hurt yourself before you got going 🙂

Yes it's lovely being out before everyone else but the birds are awake. Great to see the sun rise 🙂

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I am looking forward to running into the sun rise again misswobble! It still isn't out of bed by the time my morning run is over.

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I love going out in the early morning, especially when they sky is clear and you can see the stars :) I try not to run when it's mega icy though but sometimes you can't tell until you're out in it can you!

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