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I have always been aware that I am a lousy runner ( although I am a lot better now -- who would have ever thought that I could run for 25 minutes non-stop, soon to be 30 minutes on Saturday -- it has taken me 67 years to do it!!! :) )

But look at this video

this is what I now need to concentrate on. My running (and walking ) form. This runner has long legs and hasn't got an ounce of fat on him - but his form is what we can all aspire to. Big long strides which culminate in his foot landing immediately below his body. This will require good cardiac fitness but it is doable even by people like me who suffer from Duck's Disease.

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Her's another one of the same runner - absolute poetry in motion !!


You mean you don't look like that already Bazza? I am sure everyone else on this forum does. In my case I have actually improved on his rather effortless looking style by adding flat feet, knock knees, hunched back, flailing arms, tense neck, flabby jowls, gasping mouth, and wild revolving eyes. I will post a slow motion video of my own style on Youtube just as soon as I can find a top cameraman with a specially low-geared bike.


:) Well, even with all those physical advantages, I think that you will still need to copy his style of landing on his feet . Personally, I think he is too skinny - and should be worried about possibly having an eating disorder ??? Besides -- his legs are far longer than normal (mine are "normal" - well at least they are for me! ) and are disproportionate to his body.


Well Bazza I don't suppose he can help his disproportionate body!

I'd love long willowly pins but instead have been blessed with short stubby uns, but you make the best of what you've been given


:) -- me too. That's why I believe that short stubby legs are normal :)


Your legs are clearly the right length for your height Bazza. Any longer and your feet would be under ground.


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