Couch to 5K

Solo run

Just me, no dogs, no other people - apart from Laura that is.

My 5k-10k app had me down for a half hour run so - as my spaniel is having a bit of an issue with her weight (she needs to put some on) I left her at home for an easy walk with my OH and took the Stamina Work Out with me (even though that music sets my teeth on edge).

I parked farther up the river than usual, and barring a couple of incidents involving gloves and pockets sending Laura back to the 5 minute warm up walk a couple of times during the first 10 minutes of running, everything went pretty well.

I'm still short of running 5k in 30minutes, and I could really feel my steps getting shorter towards the end, but they're both things that I can work on.

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Yes, they are so don't worry about it. Doing the Stepping Stones podcasts will do you a lot of good. The music is weird but it's fits, so I'd put up with it.

Running 5k in 30 minutes is really quite hard so don't worry about it. You will do it eventually but you have to be strong enough, which is where the SS podcasts will come in. Do some goodly dog walks, and any other cross training that takes your fancy, and you will get there. It takes time though but enjoy the journey.

Once your dog is strong enough/mature then you'll be the dynamic duo. Just think of all the fun you'll have!

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I think I may need to try these podcasts. Well done for running "solo" - bet it felt a bit odd!!


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