Couch to 5K

W3R3 - sunshine and shadows

Another sunny day here but the pavements were even more icy than before so had to do a few detours.

Nearly came a cropper when, after 3 minute run into full sun I turned a corner into full shade and narrowly avoided slipping on an icy puddle caused by a burst water main - the road had thoughtfully been gritted, but alas not the pavement. Clearly the two magpies spied on the 5 minute warm-up walk had indeed brought luck.

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Oh no! At least you managed to stay on your feet and avoid most of the ice. Those gremlins tried hard to (literally) trip you up today! Well done for finishing. Week 4 next!


Well done - you avoided those gremlins and their ice! On to week FOUR! :)


Awesome feeling isn't it SSKKS! 😁 If we keep it up we'll reach the finishing line together - W4 let's go...xx

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I was a bit wary of setting out for my once a week 4 1/4 K run to work. Birmingham was sort of on the borderlands of the cold and warmer air .The forecast for early morning was about 2 or 3 degrees. Pavement mostly just damp but get the odd frosty patch. I run through paved parts of recreation grounds on the way but is very poorly lit. But took a calculated risk. On past occasions on other runs have nearly done the splits . But lived to run another day !

Nice part walk part run on way home from work about 9am SUN was out on my face heading home. That really makes me appreciate the Sunshine that we get. glad that I got my regular run in.


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