Newbie with puffy calves on W3D2

Hello! I have been lurking on here for a good few weeks. Learning the tips and tricks and being inspired by all your hard efforts, which have in turn, kept me going and spurred me on during my C25K journey. However I have encountered a bit of a problem and would love some advice!

I started my W3D2 run yesterday. I had had a bit of soreness on the front of my shins from W3D1 and so had given myself 2 days rest and the soreness had gone so assumed I would be alright... how wrong I was. Warm up fine, get into the second run (very slow jog) and my calves go completely tight and I cannot run no more. Manage to hobble home and I have a pain down the front of my shins and during the course of the afternoon my calves swell slightly.

This was yesterday... this morning the swell has gone down slightly and they ache less. Has this happened because I have been going harder/faster than I thought I was? I got fitted for running shoes and also given a pair of shock absorb-er insoles which help with impact of running which I use every time.

Any advice for recovery and anything would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for reading!


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7 Replies

  • It sounds very much like 'shin splints' - just google and you'll find lots of advice about treatment. Don't worry, it's very common amongst runners, but it does need dealing with.

  • Thank you! I shall have a look.

  • You do know to go slowly. The advice is good and for this very reason

    Just go steady. Slow is just fine for this caper 😊

    New runner legs, ankles, calves etc need to get used to unfamiliar exertions. Once your body gets used to it you will turn the corner niggle wise.

    The warning is there. Progress steadily and you will be ok. It's when you push too hard before your body is ready that you get problems. I used to be bothered by puffy ankles but no longer. In fact I now have discernible ankles 😁

    Have fun! This is a fab programme 😊

  • Thank you!

    I do know to go slowly, read a lot about pace and taking it incredibly slow and easy and I thought I was!... but apparently not. My lesson is very much learnt through my puffy legs.

    And I am glad your ankles have made it through!

  • Hopefully it's just new runner niggles 🙂

  • Hopefully it's not shin splints, just newbie aches and pains, but may need more rest if it doesn't abait, try at least 5 days rest if problem persists. Make sure your not overstriding, as this can put more stress on the legs especially if calves are weak, and reiterate what MW has said..Let us know how you get on with this..😊

  • Thank you for the advice! I am going to take this week to rest fully and hopefully restart next week. I will let you know how I get on :)

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