My (new) Precious

My (new) Precious

This is Grace, my new Forerunner 225.

I have used a Garmin ever since I started running nearly two years ago (doesn't time fly?) but have always had one of the older models. My current 310XT is still great 95% of the time but has developed a habit of cutting out due to "low battery" despite the indicator still being around 50%.

I went for the 225, first and foremost, because I am Scottish, and got a good deal meaning it was around £90 cheaper than the (slightly more advanced) Forerunner 235.

As well as normal GPS functions, Grace has an in-built heart rate monitor and works as a activity monitor too, counting daily steps, monitoring sleep etc.

Having fallen off the running wagon for a while, and being Scottish, I fully intend to maximise my relationship with Grace. I will take good care of her and she will exhaust every last Joule of energy her battery has to give!

Happy running all.


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25 Replies

  • Congrats on your new girlfriend - if you don't mind me asking, are you really planning on letting her into your bed so that she can monitor your sleep patterns? She looks like she might take up some room :) To be fair, your previous Garmin had a very intensive job keeping up with you so I understand its need for early retirement.

    Happy adventures with Grace - I'll be keeping an eye on what you two get up to together!

  • He he.

    No, I don't think I need a sleep monitor, mfam. I do genuinely sleep like a log.

    Quite aside from that, three is a crowd :)

  • Mrs Dunder may take a sledgehammer to Grace, and that would be a sad waste of money... I even managed to injure myself with my ring at night, so I'd probably land myself in hospital if I slept with my Garmin on my wrist :D

  • Now mfamilias don't you think the guys should call their Garmin "Garmine" if it is female? Grace would be more a Garmine then Gary is a Garmin, right?

  • Enjoy!

    I looked at one of those, but on my tiny wee wrist it looked ridiculous. Even the guy in the shop knew there was no point in trying to persuade me, indeed he was quite bemused at just how huge it was.

  • She is a big ol' gal but very light too!

  • Very lovely Dunder. I have a new Garmin too but not the same as Grace.

    Ethel is a vivoactive hr & I do cuddle up to her at night.

    I wish you & Grace many long & happy miles together. 😊

  • I did wonder who Ethel was from your GC comments on your Eddinburgh race.

    The Vivoactive HR is a lovely piece of kit too.

  • I've got one of those ! It is big but it does the job. I've had mine for over a year now without any problems. Hope yours is trouble free too.

  • Thanks Henpen, me too.

  • Cor ! Look at that , its one of those all whistling, singing and dancing ones . Have fun with amazing Grace , Mr D.

    I'm sure you will be very happy together , put her through her paces, no slacking, Chop chop ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Pops, hope you are bearing up.

    Grace obviously has slightly different ideas about the pecking order. She kept on telling me to "Move!" when Mrs D and I were watching a movie earlier.

  • Ah I'm okay thanks ( I think :-) )

    Ha ha , Oh heck, feisty Grace already ;-) xxx

  • Grace is a stunner! Hope she's with you for many happy miles!

  • Wow !its like the size of a saucer! You won't miss seeing your stats on that!

    very smart dunder!😊😆😊

  • Thanks Ali.

    That was actually part of my thinking. I have always had 3 or 4 data fields on my main page and a smaller face would make that potentially difficult to read.

  • Very nice! But have you got small arms & hands or is the watch the size of a dinner plate!? A canny Scot! I always like a good deal as well, must be my Scottish ancestry! Enjoy your dinner on the run!😁

  • I do have quite small wrists, (for a bloke) Dave and it doesn't look quite as big to me now as it appears in the photo. With that said it is a fair old size.

  • Wow, she's a big girl! Have lots of fun together!

  • She is but I like 'em big, Ully. ;)

  • Hubs has the 235 which looks the same. It is a lovely gps watch and does everything he wants it to. For me though it is massive on my wrist. I wish Garmin would make a smaller version of this watch for us little people. For now my forerunner 10 will suffice as it isn't too big for my wrist. Enjoy your new toy.

  • Thanks.

    Have you, like Noaky above, considered the Viviactive HR? It is also quite large relative to your FR10 but the rectangular design looks sleeker and might be more suitable for you.

  • Congrats on the new toy... errr... I mean new tool! I used to have the predecessor Forerunner 220, and it was a mighty fine watch. I'm sure the 225 is even better, and that you'll be thrilled with everything Grace can do for you. If only she could lace up running shoes as well!

  • Toy? Toy? How dare you! ;)

  • Blimey Dunder, that's as big as a dinner plate!

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