Difference in terrain?

Hi all I've been running in the park since I started (W2R2 tomorrow) but there's been a lot of rain here since my last run and I'm worried it will be too slippery. So I'm thinking of maybe trying my first run on a harder surface, i.e pavement. I'm just wondering if there's any major difference on how I will run/impact on the joints.

Any thoughts or advice welcome. Thanks all x


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8 Replies

  • If it's just some damp grass then road shoe's should be OK, if a lot of mud then trail shoes.

    The pavement may feel slightly harder, but shouldn't bother you much, for doing c25k. I hope you have some good supporting shoes with cushioning.

  • Thanks for coming back to me. They're not very expensive running shoes, as I don't want to spend too much until I know I can / want to carry on with this. But the ones I have seem to be supporting my feet so far, I know they are a cantilever type but that's about it. Sorry this is all a bit knew to me just now.

  • Give it a try on the pavement if the parks so bad, slow & steady. My wife used a pair of £12.99 Lidl road running shoe's and they were fine through the programme, then bought a pair for £35 half price in the sale, so you don't have to pay out big money for shoes, if you want to run in the park on dodgy ground at this time of year, then a pair of trail shoes can be got for about £30.. the more mile or karrimor shoes are not bad for this.. don't use them on the road though..

  • OK thanks for the tip about the shoes etc. Handy to know

  • In some ways, running on pavement or road can be easier because you don't have to check where you are putting your feet all the time. Can be easier to keep a steady pace. Give it a go - and take in that wind!

  • Thanks I gave it a go, and it wasn't as bad as I expected. Got a little blown away by the wind though lol x

  • pavements do have more impact on your joints but you can get bigger speeds.... Just ensure you have good shoes to protect them.....

  • I generally run on pavements but occasionally cross the common - nothing as tricky as trails but I find running on grass so much more difficult. It just really slows me down and each step feels like it takes double the effort. Grass is supposed to be softer on your joints but I do have well cushioned shoes for pavement/road running. I would imagine it's very much down to personal preference so you can always give it a go and see which you prefer.

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