Starting over but in a good way!! ☺️

Hi everyone! Haven't posted on here for a while, because...well because I haven't been running!!!

I have 'played' with running, but haven't been consistent. I was bemoaning this fact at work the other day (blaming time/ weather/ darkness etc) and someone said to me 'if you heard someone else saying this, you'd help them to find a solution, so is there anything I can do to help?!'

What a lovely sentiment, but also how true for so many of us? How many times do we help others and make sure they are okay and forget to look out for ourselves?

Anyway - to cut a long story short, I said that company and commitment was what I thought I needed to get going. ❤️️

Tonight, I restarted C25k with 5 lovely musketeers. They hadn't run before( but are quite slim and fit!) so we all started together. I can tell I'm much fitter this time round, I was able to be the cheerleader and encourager for my new crew ( which means I could talk through it!!!) I'll run longer distances at the weekend, sign up for Park Run in March, but right now it feels good to be out there, and with my lovely friends!!😊

What I did find odd, was that running/ walking seemed much more difficult than a straight forward run of a much longer distance 😠

Anyway C25k take 2, here I go xxx

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  • How lovely that you are encouraging some friends to start the C25k journey! This programme really is about spreading the word, encouraging others to give it a try and sharing in the joy of running. :) I hope it feels as great for you as the first time around and that you enjoy it all the more for sharing it with friends. Well done you, what a lovely way to start running again. :)

  • melly4012, I think it feels even better this time! I know I can do it, like many things in life, it's the commitment and sustainability that I find a struggle. This time, I'm doing it for me and everyone else - so I will keep going 😊😘

  • Good for you! Have fun!!

  • What a simply lovely post Jingle :) So glad you've rediscovered your mojo. I can vouch for the benefits of having a a band of musketeers to run with. Mine were virtual but made a huge difference. Look forward to hearing how it goes :)

  • McFitty - the lovely band of virtual friends on here have got me through many a run, but I have to say, a group of real people was just what I needed to get me out there today xxx

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