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Lovely morning for a run!

Lovely morning for a run!

A bit chilly but on the whole a lovely morning for starting W2. It had been raining overnight so the ground was a bit slippy as I headed out for my warm up. At least then I knew to avoid certain areas or I would have been sliding all over the place when trying to run. On the whole it was good, a couple of times I was running and uttered the immortal 'please Laura am I there' to myself as the legs felt like they were giving up only for her dulcet tones to immediately sound in my ear to slow down.

Luckily thanks to another post I saw I knew to ignore the comments about your heel hitting the ground first. But when it came to the breathing tip I tried several times to do as Laura asked but I couldn't seem to manage a breath in for the count of four.. something I have to work on I guess.

Also a little question to glasses wearers, by the end of the run my glasses are all steamed up and it can be hard to see where I'm going, thankfully just now I'm in the park not on the road. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to stop them misting or clear them quickly?

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Can you run later in the day when the ice has had chance to thaw? it's not a good idea to run when it's icy unless you wear Yak Trax (or similar) over your running shoes

I wear specs but I park them on top of my head when I'm running. Could you wipe them during the walking breaks?

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Sorry it was slippy from the rain, thankfully no ice. As I'm taking myself up the park at the moment it tends to get a bit boggy after a lot of rain. At least the edges do, it seems to be better a bit further in. Thanks for the tip about ice though it sounds like we have some coming our way in the next few days :(.

I'm not sure if my spec would sit on top of my head when I run, but I guess I could try taking them off and see how I get on :D thank you x


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