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Edinburgh 5k yesterday

I signed up for this when I started c25k 9 weeks ago. I knew I would probably not have graduated before I did it - I'm on w7r3 - but it has been excellent motivation to keep going. I walked up the hill with hundreds of others but probably ran for longer than I have before and my average speed was slightly quicker than previous runs. Both my sons took part too and we also saw the international cross country competition. TV does not show how fast those runners really go! A brilliant day out.

I now need a new target.

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Well done you! I watched the coverage - bet the atmosphere was great!☺


Well done you! How about a local parkrun as your new target? If you're on W7R3, you could perhaps aim for a parkrun in two or three weeks time? 👏🏻👏🏻😀😀🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻


There were at least 2 other members of the forum there with you - Noaky12 and spikymoss both did it too and had great fun. Parkrun is definitely a good new target for you :)

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Well done you! I'm sure there'll be another 5k race you can work towards when you've completed the programme! :)


Well done! I work very close to where the run was held and had wanted to take part, but injury/illness meant that I didn't book the day off work.

Do you live in Edinburgh? If you do, I recommended the Edinburgh Parkrun. It's a lovely flat course right on the waterfront near Cramond. There's also one at Portobello.


Thank you all for your suggestions. Parkrun is a possibility but I'm the only one who can take the dog for a long walk on Saturday morning and it is hard to walk past her standing by her lead (I had to sack her as a running companion because she keeps stopping to sniff things). I think my new target will be a novice triathlon in May, probably as a team with youngest son swimming, husband cycling and me running!


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