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I am new to couch to 5k ( just completed week 2) but I am finding that I need to complete each week more than 3 times to have the stamina to cope/complete the next week up. Often I do the weekly podcast up to 5 times before I feel confident at tackling the next week up. Anyone else like this? I am loving the app though and think I may have caught the running bug.

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I was the same... it took me many tries to get the first week done. And I got stuck on five minutes... I found though once I got a little bit of fitness the later weeks were easier to complete.

As long as you are not giving up you are improving and that's the main thing. :)


Hey Spinderella.. I started w2r2 on Thursday but had to bail as I'd got some breathing issues... I think that I will be the same as you, I don't think 3 runs at each level will get me to the next level?? I'm going back to do w1, to just to concentrate on my breathing, I got lots of good advice from people on here.. Thing is, in addition to worrying about breathing.. My knees are killing me! X


Go very slowly. If you are out of puff you might be going too fast

Are you in running shoes?

It doesn't matter about repeating but the programme is progressive so don't hold yourself back. Try moving on ☺


Hi Spinderella, what you're doing sounds fine to me - that's the beauty of the plan: it varies and is variable for each and every runner (we're all different and come to running from a billion different directions/backgrounds/ages/weights etc). You may find that having additional rest days between your runs will help more to improve your stamina than simply repeating the same ole run many times on alternate days. Your body really does use non running days to mend and strengthen muscles, tendons/joints etc that have been exercised while running. Once repaired and improved you will find your runs far more effective and fulfilling, so you'll feel confident about moving onwards to the next section's 3 runs.

I took about 13 weeks to complete the plan ... It took longer because I had a mixture of extra rest days and repetitions of runs to make sure I'd completed three 'good ones' before moving onwards. The earlier weeks were the worst, I needed longer intervals between runs to get my limbs working, and sometimes I tried a run 5 or 6 times to ensure that I'd managed at least 3 that were exactly right according to Laura! Around section/week 5 or 6 your body will suddenly realise what you are expecting it to do and you'll probably polish off three runs a week with one rest day between .... and feel ready and confident about progressing with the plan. Time to move onwards 👍

So happy that you've got the running bug, it really is life changingly awesome! Keep enjoying it all x 😄😉

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I was the same. It took me 9 attempts before I could do week 1 and 6 attempts to do weeks 2 and 3. I found as I got fitter it got easier and I didn't have to repeat every week.

I kept in my mind that it's not a race and the goal was to complete the programme no matter how long it took.

And complete it I just did. Last week. But I started in mid January so it's taken much longer than 9 weeks. But hey, who cares.

Stick with it. You can do it.


Whatever works for you. You can do it. Stick with it and don't give up. But don't let yourself get stuck on the same run for too long, the progress from "week" to "week" generally motivates a lot.


They are all runs of course so every time out counts in terms of the overall goal - and more and more likelihood that you've got running embedded as a habit too.

I suspect it is more about mental confidence and stamina than physical fitness though - and perhaps running faster than necessary. If you've completed the session, even though it was really tough, you are ready to move on - why would it be worse not quite managing to complete the next one in full and having to do that again?


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