First time runner - a few questions

Hi guys, I've been looking into what I can do to finally get fit, and I've chosen couch to 5k! However I've never been a runner, I was a swimmer in my younger days but that's it. The questions I have: will any trainers do? Do trainers wear out if you run in them? I don't know whether to wear the adidas I wear to do every day things or to invest in a new pair.

Also, I've asked a friend to do c25k with me which I think will help me stick to it more. Is doing it in company a good or bad idea?

I also get headaches a lot, do any of you have experience of running with headaches? I will try and drink more water and see if that helps :)

Thank you and if you have any other tips that will be greatly appreciated!


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  • Hi, and welcome to the forum! Congratulations for choosing C25K - without wanting to sound like it's some kind of weird sect, it's turned my life around. I started it two years ago after 28 years without sport, and I'm still running today - it's pure magic. Anyway. Ahem. To answer your question: I started off in an old pair of trainers, a sweatshirt and a pair of tracksuit bottoms. I bought myself a pair of "decent" trainers when I was sure I was going to continue (week 4 of the programme - it didn't take long to convince me).

    I'd say that running at the same time as a buddy is a great idea because that forces you to get your kit on and out of the door - paradoxically, it's the most difficult bit of any run. I ran alone for the first four weeks, then my teenager joined in so there was no way I could stop, even if I'd wanted to 😄 We quickly established that his pace was faster than mine, so we ran together in the loosest possible meaning of the word, i.e. we could see each other but were rarely side by side. But accountability is important.

    Can't give you any advice for headaches I'm afraid, but tons of compassion. Make sure you keep your head warm and drink enough fluids the day before, I'd say. Keep us posted!

  • Thanks for the reply, that's great to hear! Did you enjoy running before? It's never really appealed to me, like I said in my post I'm more fond of water than dry land, but I'm hoping I'll take to it! I think I'll take your advice and buy a pair around week 4 :) I'm a student but I've just found a new job so I hope I can find some good ones!

    That sounds fair enough, I think my friend will definitely motivate me to get out of the door, and if we end up having different paces, we could always start at the same point and meet after we've both finished the run!

    Thank you, I think fluids is the best plan, too. I'm not starting for another week as that's when my friend comes back after the holidays to uni, but I'll go for long walks or something in the meantime!

  • Before C25K, I only ever ran if my life was in danger (and as I'm no James Bond girl, that was not often) or if the shop was about to close before I could get my hands on a tube of Pringles and a bottle of rosé. Sailing was my favourite sport as a teen, followed by hockey (where I stayed in the goal and twiddled my thumbs).

    So if I love running now, there's hope for you, and I suspect there are a whole load more converts who will join the conversation and convince you. Keep us posted!

  • Great! I'm looking forward to starting my journey now, thanks!

  • will any trainers do?

    For your first week or two they probably will. Though I will say trainers do make a big difference. Once you know you are enjoying running and will stick at it then invest in a good pair. Do trainers wear out if you run in them? Yes they do but it does take a while, you will know when you are due a new pair.

    Also, I've asked a friend to do c25k with me which I think will help me stick to it more. Is doing it in company a good or bad idea?

    I liked the company particularly when starting out, not wanting to leave my friend standing at the end of the road was motivation for me to go out. Later on you may find that trying to match other peoples pace isn't good. But to start with company will be good I think.

  • Thanks for the reply! I think I will invest in a good pair once I'm a few weeks in! For now I'm going to wear my old adidas. And yes, that's a fair point, I'll start off running with him and then we can carry on together but not necessarily run together!

  • Congratulations on taking the plunge.

    I agree with Qscout about trainers. I started off with some ancient ones, and invested in some decent ones as a Christmas present to myself (just strated week 5), and they feel so much better. I went to a specialist running shop and they get you to run on a treadmill and do a proper gait analysis so you get the best ones for your style of running.

    I do suffer from headaches and migraines so can sympathise with that. I try to make sure I keep well hydrated throughout the day, and especially when I'm running. A migraine tends to stop me running, but a headache I can usually cope with.

    Good luck, and make sure you come back and share your progress. You'll find the forum here so supportive and helpful.

  • Thank you!

    I've just ordered some cheap shock absorbing ones online, and i'll start with those, and if they're no good I'll do what you did and go to a shop!

    Sorry to hear you get headaches too, I get migraines as well, but not very often, however when I do get them I'm bed bound for at least a day :( I'll get my running mate to remind me to drink loads of water!

    Thank you very much, that's the impression I've had so far!

  • I waited until I'd finished the program to get some decent trainers. They were my graduation present to myself :) like you, I far preferred water and wouldn't even run for a bus! This forum has become like my second family and from being a total skeptic, I am now evangelical about the program. Whether you start running alone or with a friend, just make sure you start. I can't tell you how life changing it has been for me and so many others. :) :)

  • I've ordered some really cheap ones online to motivate me to go out, but I might invest in some good ones when I graduate! Thanks for the reply, I'm glad to hear it's worked for you, it motivates me more!

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