Am I too old to start again?

Hello, I'm new here. I've attempted running several times, always aware that I look like I'm having a seizure, red face, etc.

I won't give up but am conscious of being a 60 year old woman and don't see women of my age running. The reason I won't give up is because I do enjoy the feeling I get from the bit of running I manage to do and the feeling I get afterwards. I would love to be able to run for longer, NOT look like I'm having a seizure and look like it's effortless like the many runners I seem to see out and about!

Is there anyone out there the same as me?


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  • This is definately the place to come for support and encouragement and runners of all different ages and sizes! All united by our love for running! Have you used the C25K programme before? Definately worth trying as it helps you build up that distance at your own pace. Slow and steady is definately the way to start - pace will increase naturally, later. And, I am afraid to say, that you are by no means the oldest person on this forum, so get those running shoes out, enjoy and let us know how you get on! πŸ™‚

  • 60 is positively young. keep going :-)

  • You're certainly not too old to start again! I am nearly 70 - and completed Week 5 Run 2 to-day...hard but satisfying. The wonderful thing about being "older" is that you go unnoticed most of the time is liberating...Go for it. ~These boards are wonderful to follow - inspiring and full of sensible advice.

  • Im 60 in march and will complete my first 10k race in march too. I am a relative youngster compared to some of our forum friends.

    You are in good company, go for itπŸ‘πŸΌπŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ˜€

  • You are, as the others say.. a mere youngster.. I am 67 this year... now running 10K... started when I was 65...

    At our age.. who cares what folks think.. let them stare.. they are merely jealous... :)

    Go for this, it may be one of the best things you have ever done :)

    Slow, steady and keep posting, we will be right here, to support , encourage and give you the odd shove, if necessary :)

  • No definitely not too old at all :-)

    We have a gentleman on here who is 80 . That's the great thing about this programme , it encourages all ages , shapes , sizes and abilities.

    I know what I would think if I saw a 60 year old running , Good on ya ! Same as if I saw a 20 year old running too . Age is nothing but a number :-) xxx

  • So true PP..the older I get..the less I worry about what folk think when they see me run...obviously I am a mere blur..moving so fast πŸ˜ƒ x

  • We have several runners in my running club from their late 50s to early 70s

  • Someone posted a link on here a couple of months back... A 90 year old completing 5th. Actually she may have been older and the distance may have been further. Just goes to show, you're never too old! Welcome and here's to many happy miles :)

  • Wow! Never been on anything like this before and I'm not a computer sort of person really but I'm moved by all the positive replies. Thankyou all so much. Will keep in touch and keep in mind all your messages when I leave my front door for a walk/run.

  • Yes.. didn't we say, you have to take us with you from now on.? Plus, we are great company... you would be surprised where we get to... I take loads of chums with me... and I get taken with folk on runs I can only dream of doing:)

    You keep posting.. you will love it!

    Go you!

  • Best of luck to you - take it steady and enjoy! The folk on this forum are fantastic, so supportive and encouraging. keep posting your progress :)

  • You can definitely do it! I am 61 and started back in October and graduated just before Christmas. 60 is not old! I do sympathise with the red face look- I remember one weekend seeing my (much younger) neighbour out with his son and barely being able to say hello I was so hot/red/exhausted. I never ran before this so definitely give it a go you won't regret it, good luck.

  • Why too old? You're only 60! The "seizure" you describe happens because of fitness, not age - I started when I was 46, and on my first run ended up wrapped around a tree, swearing, red-faced and chest heaving. That tree is now called "the hug tree", and gets a nod of acknowledgement every time I pass it. I progressed quickly and my husband quickly stopped grinning and offering to call in the medics when he saw me arrive home from a run. He even takes pictures for my son and I when we run races together.

    Go for it. Please. You enjoy running, so don't deprive yourself of a wonderful experience. Keep us posted, and get those trainers on!

  • I will be 60 next month. I started couch to 5K a year ago. Never been "sporty" and I'm sure I am not a vision of fitness . Its funny I've have definitely noticed more older runners recently, all shapes and sizes and all feeling better for doing it. You are not alone.

  • Hi, I am 69 and am trying to motivate myself to do it. I know I've got to get some good running shoes first but keep finding excuses not to go out to get them.........

  • Hello, firstly, suggest you just try the first week or 2 with some ordinary lightweight comfy shoes, if you have any, and see how you go first, it'll be tough, but then it always is.. then go to a good running shop for a gait analysis and expert fitting, there's no cost for this except buying the shoes if your happy.. if you need any more advice, no matter how silly you think your question may be, ask us..😊

  • Getting out of the door is the hardest step. Once you're out with your earphones in, you won't regret it. C'mon, get those shoes on and give it a try. Pleeeease.

  • Thank you for trying to motivate me. Much appreciated

  • Are you still wondering... ? :) Come on, time to get out there... run with me tomorrow morning? Nice and slow... :) ?

  • Morning Oldfloss. Are you a real person?? Haven't yet started - bad cold and cough but will start with 30 mins a day walk from today. Getting running shoes later at specialist shop but suspect joints and knees need some weight loss before I seriously think I can run. Seems unthinkable right now but walking everyday will get me going. Thanks for your interest and encouragement!

  • I am real..tee hee..66..nearly 67..the original Grey SnailπŸ™‚ I graduated three times a week and walk miles with my new baby granddaughter πŸ™‚

    Start that walking..keep posting and we will get you where you would like to be πŸ™‚

  • PS you could walk with me tommorow.. I will be just going very slowly :)

  • How?

  • Do your walk Swisslady, enjoy it, then come onto the forum and tell us all about it...and Floss will tell you about her run... (always a good read😊)

    Its a great way to motivate yourself to get out the door. Share the experience 😊

  • Thanks you... a ramble in the offing as we speak!

  • I'm a mere 56 but know exactly what you mean about red faces and seizures. By the time I got back from my last run my face was the same colour as my new neon pink top! Not a good look. On the other hand, I'd run for over 5k when this time last year I couldn't run at all, I've lost nearly 2 stone, and I feel so much better. It would be a bonus if I could look cool as well (or even a BIT less like a beetroot).

  • If I can get into this habit of going out running, loosing some weight and gaining some confidence and actually liking myself I would be feeling better than I am right now! I'm still in chocolate and cake eating mode! Especially as the evenings are still dark and no one can see me.

  • I've just eaten 3 mince pies one after the other! But at least some running is better than no running

  • Yeah, you're right. Going out tomorrow

  • Chrysanthemum - why don't you go the the Fast diet webite - (Fast two days eat normally for 5) - they have a wonderful forum like this one, I am doing both and it is a huge help. It is so easy. All you need to know is on the website - and you'll get hooked......(I'm doing the January challenge)

    .Now get on those running shoes - you can do it...remember you're doing it for you and nobody can be your secret! Good luck.

  • Thanks, I will be looking into that. I've gone to it quickly and it looks interesting. I've had a mega binge this weekend, feel disgusted with myself but used up all Xmas food now so will be putting running shoes on now......

  • Welcome! I did c25k at 60 ran a 10k race last October, didn't actually race it just managed to run it. I was running alongside a road yesterday and got beeped at twice, 1 was my sister-in-law so that's OK, she's done some running and is 65 this month, the other well, I just ignore it but think it was in recognition of my efforts, generally, I don't worry about what people think, running keeps me happy. My wife did c25k and graduated about June last year at 61, so, no! your not too old, as long as your fairly healthy, you won't regret it, GO FOR IT! Good luck!😊

  • You can definitely do it. I started several times and gave up before I finally stuck with it and finished the programme. I was 58 and overweight so was very self conscious to start with - but as you go along you get more confident and it is such a great feeling. I feel so much fitter now. Give it a go - good luck !!

  • Plenty of 60+yo's run where I am. Some have been all their lives, some have just started.

    Do the course, stick it out for the whole program. Repeat weeks when you need to and check out YouTube for running form advice. If you look like you're having a seizure you might have poor form (which will increase the risk of injury).

    Once you've finished the course come back to us with the answer to your "am I too old" question!

  • definitely not too old... If YOU want to do it then YOU do it

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