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A bit of a wobble!

After Christmas and New Year, a wobble in every sense! With the festive period and a change in my medication I've really struggled and landed up with just a practice run this week so far! I'll be out there again on Thursday but may well put myself back to an earlier week, maybe even to the start - depends on how wimpish I feel. Not distraught, though, because at least I got to run a bit yesterday. I'm a bit annoyed with myself though, because I'd got to W4 before Christmas. Never mind, onwards and work this thing through ... determined to get there!

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Keep at it, and you'll get there. Many of us have wobbles along the way, but there's always a chance to pick it back up and try again. Maybe try going back in at week 3, and seeing how that feels?


Just get back out there and get it done. Once it's done it's done 😇


Well.. you know what you have been up against.. and all you need to do now.. is as misswobble says.. get out and do that run!

Just keep it slow and keep it steady.. simple as that!


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