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Crisis in confidence - wobbly bits all on show


So I brought a proper running top from Primark today as a reward for getting through my first interview in years. I brought a size up because I knew it would be clingy only I don't know if I actually have the courage to wear it with my running leggings, I'd wear it with jeans but obviously that's no good for running.

I normally wear a slightly too big tshirt which hides the lumps and bumps a bit more.

So hoping sharing a photo will help.

Will the sight of my wobbly bits make you run screaming in the opposite direction scared for life?

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Shush, you have absolutely no reason to worry! If I saw you running in that, I'd think "good for her, she looks sporty, unlike all the slobs just sitting at home in their couches".

spoonierunningGraduate in reply to Tomas

Thank you. I shall try telling myself I look sporty and not wobbly


you go for it and don't worry about what people think, they probably wont even notice you. I felt much the same when i started this program and felt so self conscious, now i don't give a fig, i know that i am doing something which is good for my health, toning up my figure and helping me loose weight, i find i eat healthy out of choice now cos i don't want to waste all the effort put in by bingeing on crap food!!!

spoonierunningGraduate in reply to carerof

Thank you. I shall try to be brave and wear the tshirt tomorrow when I embark on the start of week6


I'll have to post a picture of me in my lycra running gear - I don't look any different from you. The manager of the marina where I live (he's using my running to promote the marina) was happy to take photos of me in my track suit but says he'll have a nervous breakdown if I wear my skintight Lycra! I helped him put things in perspective - said it was either that or I'd do a demonstration of nude swimming in the marina itself! Nah, I really don't think you've got anything to worry about. It's getting too hot for track suits and things - proper running gear is needed now. Get out there and enjoy it. Cheers.

spoonierunningGraduate in reply to Hidden

The nude swimming made me smile. Thank you. I shall try to keep in mind it's sensible, which is why a brought it, it's getting too hot for cotton and who wants to see massive sweat patches - yuck, so really I am doing a public service by wearing the correct kit.

So just need to keep telling myself I am sporty I am sensible.

Thank the gods for massive sunglasses to hide behind.

HI i saw the sportswear in primark and seeing how good it looks on you will defo go and buy some. We all have wobbly bits lol and well done for getting to week six ,i am struggling with week 1.

spoonierunningGraduate in reply to alibags

Thank you. I'm not sure it looks good. The socks in primark are pretty good as well I get the massage cushioned sole ones. Keep at it you can do week 1 one and then you will be able to do week 2, it's just one foot in front of the other and keep trying

Go for it, your out there doing it you might as well have the proper kit and be proud of it. You look like a runner to me. We all have bits we try and hide but sometimes it's only ourselves that notice. Happy running.

spoonierunningGraduate in reply to Realfoodieclub

Thank you feeling very encouraged by everyone

I looked the same when I started out. I don't give too hoots anymore what people think. Some people laugh when they see me running, some people just smile. As long as you feel comfortable when you run, that's all that matters. Anyhow - you won't be wearing that size top for long :-)

spoonierunningGraduate in reply to thinlizzyIwish123

Thank you. I know it's silly but I was bullied at school all those many moons ago and still affects me also my dad used to tease me about being big and I've just been left with major body confidence issues. I'm not expecting to get smaller if it happens it's a plus, I'm just trying to keep my mobility up (I have a medical condition that makes weight loss difficult)

Hidden in reply to spoonierunning

Oh, if only people would realise that their bullying can leave lifelong mental scars. You are achieving something here so stick your fingers up at the bullies (run in a skimpy bikini if you want to). Bullying is never taken seriously enough - oh yes, I know exactly what it's like. Best wishes.

spoonierunningGraduate in reply to Hidden

I think the dog might actually disown me if I did that. The silly thing is I think nothing about putting on a swimming costume and that's even more wobble in evidence and I've done that at size bigger than I am now. But swimming is my exercise of choice lack of money made me decide to try running and I was really shocked when I discovered I enjoy it. And yes bullying is never taken seriously and it's even harder when it's family and they don't even understand they are doing it - apparently it was character building and said with affection! Bless my mum she kept trying to explain to my dad it was wrong.

Hidden in reply to spoonierunning

Bullying can never build character - it only destroys it. You make sure your running gives some of these people a poke in the eye with a SHARP stick!


You look great. Anyone who sees you will just think - there's a jogger!

Banishing the self consciousness is a huge part of the battle for so many of us.

Keep up the good work


spoonierunningGraduate in reply to e174

Thank you. Yes I know I need to work on my self confidence and I have come along way - few years ago there wouldn't have even been a photo of me. I am feeling much more confident in wearing it every is being so supportive on here. I've taken the tags off now so I can't return it.


I guess we all at some point or another feel a bit self conscious about what we look like when we are dressed for running. I accessorise all my gear with a beetroot face every run, which can't be terribly attractive, but hey, as has already been said, don't dwell on what others might or might not think of your wobbly bits. If you've made it to week 6 you are showing great commitment and your body will thank you for it.


spoonierunningGraduate in reply to Rupertlebear

Thank you. Yes the beet root red face is a must accessory.


You look good in the new gear, just go for it! I always think people are looking at me (why would they be?) and thinking 'she's no runner' but now I've changed that and imagine them thinking 'Good for her, she must be training to raise money for a good cause'! LOL! I started the programme in the dark and preferred it that way, but, we just need to get out there in the daylight now.

spoonierunningGraduate in reply to Run-ing

Thank you. Oddly I was driving to my in laws to pick up the dog yesterday evening and saw lots of people out running (where have they all come from cause never saw them when it was freezing and I was still out plodding along) and I saw a woman similar shape to me and I just thought good for you. So yes I need to keep that in my head rather than let the bullies from years ago keep wining

Go for it! You are a runner! I really think people either don't take any notice or, if they do, they are thinking 'good for you' and being pretty impressed. So as long as you feel comfortable, that's all that counts. Also, massive congrats on getting through the interview :)

Your wobbly bits arent so bad, and will soon be less wobbly any way, so no worries. When i see that pic, my first thought is: I like the length of that shirt! My running shirt just covers my wobbly tummy, my jacket is longer, but soon i will have to give that up and i am worried about the shirt creeping up and exposing my actual wobbly bits, not just their outline! So, off to Primark for me!

spoonierunningGraduate in reply to Nilzed

It's like our jackets become a bit of a security blanket. Yes I was surprised at finding a top that was a good length and my size. Sports shops can be intimated places especially when they don't seem to cater for the people with wobbly bits

Well you've inspired me to go get one from Primark too spoonie.

spoonierunningGraduate in reply to lemondoodle

Their socks are good

Ah, I'm all sort for sock already. but I am going to need cooler clothes as it heats up.


Shame on Primark for getting professional models to spam this forum with their advertising photos!

spoonierunningGraduate in reply to ChrisL

Thank you for the laugh. Though it would be refreshing for the high street to use real people wobbly bit and all


well I went out with a tighter top on than my usual baggy coverall today, and got my first cheer! And I think we are a similar shape.

spoonierunningGraduate in reply to helcl

Wow a cheer something to aim for. Thank you definitely feeling braver


The top fits you nicely and looks well cut (I'm not a fan of Primark generally for all kinds of reasons). I've found I often look better for wearing slightly more fitted t shirts, even with the bulges. I have a photo of myself wearing my C25K t shirt and I really do look horrible in it, even now at a healthy BMI (still doughy middle) And despite losing 20kgs, going from obese to healthy I haven't dropped a t shirt size.

spoonierunningGraduate in reply to GoogleMe

Thank you. Sadly being currently jobless means primark is my price range (well actually technically even primark is too expensive for me at the mo) and sports shops intimate me and I often see their sizes and think well I could get my left boob in it what about the rest lol. I'm not up to making my own sports wear (yet maybe it's something to build my dress making skill up to). I just have to be brave and keep in mind all the lovely supportive comments every has given me

GoogleMeGraduate in reply to spoonierunning

I buy 2 pair packs of cotton leggings and fair trade cotton long sleeve t shirts from Sainsbury's (so still pretty rubbish ethically) when they have a 25% off weekend - and I wear them day to day as well as for running.

I've gone for quantity rather than individual pieces that cost a lot Having a horror of pink means a lot of women's sportswear is out anyway, even if I could afford it. I know what you mean about sizing... and then so many items are a fight to get into, I'd have to go back to bed instead of run.

spoonierunningGraduate in reply to GoogleMe

I wanted technical fabric as I am starting to find cotton too uncomfortable because I walk after my run and it's not nice being damp. My long running trousers are brilliant and made partly from recycled bottles (nike lucky find in tk Maxx) so it is possible to get more ethical proper running kit just harder to find and mostly out of my price range.

GoogleMeGraduate in reply to spoonierunning

I've always been mystified by technical fabrics - they make me feel more damp and sweaty rather than less. Dunno why.

I did my first ever run yesterday, and I was sooooo body conscious it's unreal! However, I passed a couple who were VERY fit and skinny, obviously been jogging for FOREVER by the kit they had on and they smiled! AT ME! Huge boost right there :) So go out there in your top and feel very proud of yourself, and smile at people like me who are still covering ourselves up, because those smiles really help us to be as brave as you :)

spoonierunningGraduate in reply to ufon

Thank you. Yes I remember the first time I was really brave and ran past a 'proper' runner and they smiled it really is fab. Look me a while to even pluck the the courage to not stop if there was the mearest hint of a person, so you are already ahead of me. Well done on doing that first run. Keep at it you can do it

The first time I put my running top on I could see all my lumps and bumps and it wasn't the greatest confidence boost I could give myself. However, I figured I was getting out there to try and do something about my lumps and bumps and also I probably didn't look as bad as I thought I did. Now when I put my running top on I can see how much my wobbly bits are already smoothing out and I don't look as lumpy as I did when I first put it on so it's now a boost for my confidence and gives me the motivation to carry on - good luck!!


I d like to look like you ! I'm vastly big perspective is a funny old thing kick ass I say :).


If you see a wobbly person do you think negatively? I am sure you don't. I have asked many people their thoughts and all responses are positive, eg. Good for them for tackling a weight problem. I am fairly tall and slim so people have no reason to try to save my feelings. Just enjoy your run xxx


Hi, may I suggest you see the post I've put up today - as promised - me in my skin tight lycra with all the wobblies on show. Cheers.


Don't do what I did - and buy clothes that fit you (now) -- you must get everything a few sizes smaller. because -- you ARE going to lose weight, trim up and then your clothes will be looking too ridiculously large for you -- I am having great difficulty holding my pants up!!!!

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