Weekly chat 13th to the 19th March πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ

Hi everybody,

Please feel free to share your runs here and chat about how it's all going,

Sometimes we don't feel like putting a whole post up but just want to share something small, so this is a great place for doing that during the week.

If youre a lurker it is a great place to say a little hi without the pressure of a full post.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy week !

Ju Ju xxx


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49 Replies

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  • Morning All !

    Hope everyones full of the joys of spring ( nearly )

    Well a rubbish week for me last week in terms of completing my weeks runs . Did a 7k on Thursday and had another one pencilled in for yesterday .

    I had a funny " turn " yesterday in Church. I suddenly became very hot , clammy and dizzy and my hubby was wafting me with a hymn book to cool me down. Someone got me a cup of water but my hands were shaking too much to lift it to my lips ! I managed to stagger outside for some fresh air and then as if by magic, a young guy came out of church and said " Can I help you ,Im a doctor " He took my pulse and got a chair for me and a cup of juice and a biscuit. After a while I cooled down and the dizziness went , but I just felt completely wiped out .

    So I went home for a lie down and thought better not risk a run , just in case .

    I was thinking about what caused it and I suspect it was a reaction to some strong painkillers I had taken for a stiff neck caused by a new pillow .

    And breathe................................

    Have a great week y'all ! :-) xxx

  • Oh Pops thats not good.... and lucky a doctor found you. Worth seeing your GP just to get checked over perhaps?? How do you feel today??

  • Hi Ju, I feel fine today thank you xxx

    Yes I was so lucky that there was a doctor in the " house " . I am thinking of visiting the Doc just to check if I am low in iron or something :-) xxx

  • Definitely best not to have run yesterday after that! Do take care of yourself xx

  • Thank you Rainbow, yes it was very strange , never happened to me before xxx

  • It's called a vasovagal response - basically a sudden drop in blood pressure causing you to almost faint. Exactly the same thing happened to me in January. And it was due to having taken some painkillers and a hefty dose of magnesium for period cramps. I have naturally low blood pressure and the magnesium lowered it still further. Wiped out for the rest of the day. Terrified my husband! I did go to the doctors and he confirmed what I'd already googled. Scary stuff though. X

  • Oh Nobby, thankyou so much for this . That sounds exactly what it was and I had taken strong painkillers and I take a daily dose of magnesium as I suffer from cramps , plus I have naturally low blood pressure . I will have a chat to my doc just to be on the safe side :-) xxx

  • No probs, it's a learning curve, this getting older malarkey. Also, and you probably know this, running lowers your blood pressure also! When I had my "attack" I actually hadn't been running for 4 days before, which I was glad about, as then people would have said "you shouldn't be doing all that running, it's bad for you", etc, etc! The doc said to me if it happens again the best thing to do is just to lie down, which is what I had actually had the urge to do - on the landing, as I was at home, which is what terrified my husband - he found me lying on the landing and thought I'd collapsed with a heart attack! So anyway, I'm waffling. But if you feel it happening again, LIE DOWN!! πŸ™‚ (It hasn't happened to me since, hopefully a one-off, but I don't take magnesium with painkillers anymore).

  • Thank you so much for this Nobby, yes I really felt that I wanted to lie down too ! I was sort of slumped over the pew in front of me with my head down and I remember thinking " I need to lie down ! "

    The doc asked me if I'd anything to eat before I came to Church , and I had but it didnt cross my mind until later about the painkillers I had taken . I have always had low blood pressure and plus all the sitting , standing, bowing, kneeling in church that morning cant have helped , Im sure :-)

    Thank you for the info, this is a Godsend to me. I wont certainly be taking co-codamol and magnesium together, thats for sure ! :-) xxx

  • I think that would be very sensible... I hope you are feeling ok today?

  • Yes Ju, I feel perfectly okay today thank you , I went on a run last night and did 7k and no ill effects after :-) xxx

  • Hope you're ok now Poppy???! Sounds a bit scary! and there was me inundating you with emails yesterday :( sending you big hugs from me and George dog :)

  • Ah don't worry about the emails yesterday, I was fine later on, just felt wiped out . I think I may try and get an appointment at the docs this millennium , if I can get in :-)

    Big hugs from me and the Pugs :-) xxxx

  • Glad to hear you're OK poppypug. Careful on how you describe your little "moment". My doctor told the DVLA and I've been without my driving licence for 4 months with no end in sight yet! :-(

  • Im okay thank you , sorry to hear your news, hope youre okay ? xxx

  • I'm great thanks - physically. I can't drive or ride my motorbike though and it's doing my head in. On the plus side, it gave me the time to do C25K so every cloud has a silver lining!

  • Ah yes very true , as one door closes , another one opens :-)

    I do hope you get your licence back though , you must miss it xxx

  • Oh, Pops, I hope you're okay now? That must have been very worrying. Glad you're going to go and get checked out. Take care of yourself xx

  • Thank you Annie, yes I am feeling okay now :-) xxx

  • Hope your feeling better Poppy!

    Side note - love your pic, i have a little Pug too called Memphis! x

  • Thankyou Scott xxx

    Ah yes, Pug lovers of the world unite ! :-)

    I have 2 little pug boys, Rocky and Doug, the terrible twins ! :-) xxx

  • Ahhhh i like the names, my little one wanted to call ours Jeff!!! haha!!!!

  • Tee Hee, mine are both rescues so were already named so I didnt change theirs , just in case they got confused :-)

    I love how some people give their dogs " human " names. Theres a couple of Jack Russells near me called Sid and Stan , and a pug called Ernie , Ha ha :-D xxx

  • Haha - i have a friend with a yorkshire terrior called Alan!

  • Ahhhh love it :-)

    How come yours is called Memphis ? What made you pick that , its a great name ! :-) xxx

  • Well we left it up to our son, who is 8...at the time his favourite football was Memphis Depay, and he thought it would be hilarious to call him Memphis DePug! He even made my wife register him at the vets as Memphis DePug!

    A lot of people say "oooh is that like Memphis Tennessee" and i have to awkwardly explain that its named after a footballer that my son no longer likes! haha!

  • He is now goes by many nicknames, Memphy, Membo, Membydoodle, Bog-Eyes!

  • And not forgetting Bubble head ! :-D xxx

  • Ha ha , oh thats fab ! Ha ha :-D

    Ours get called all sorts:

    Rocky: Rockhead Ted, Rockstar, Rockford .

    Doug: Douglas Puglass, Dugglear*e , and too many rude ones to mention on here, when he's naughty ! :-D xxx

  • I love pugs also - my nanna had one called Taff when I was a child so they have always held a special place in my heart. I have 2 cats called Martha and Prudence, named after characters in Beatles songs!

  • Ha ha ! I used to have a cat called Figaro . I used to love shouting him in on a night :-D xxx

  • Doug the pug dug?

  • Yes ! Ha ha :-D

    He is called another name though when he is naughty ;-) xxx

  • Managed the mileage I wanted last week, but it was harder going than the week before. One of my 5ks was spontaneously reduced to a 4K and I was absolutely knackered after it. All 4 runs were a lot slower. On a positive note I did my longest run so far (11k) with walk/run yesterday morning in pale sunshine and temperatures of 3 degrees. It was actually perfect weather and my pace was consistent at just under 7:30 a minute. All in all just under 24k over the whole week, which is fine. Would like to repeat the success this week, but I'm beginning to feel a little tired. Might be sensible to take it easier - but when have I been sensible?

  • Yet again I only managed two runs in the week - a 5k, and a Speed session. Hey-ho, maybe this week I'll get all three in...! I'm noticing how stiff I feel today, as I forgot to stretch once I got in last night (having helped DD2 sort out her bike ready for this morning). Not sore at all, just stiff. At least that shows it's worth doing! ;)

  • I agree with the post run stretches Rainbow . I always make sure I do them, as the one time I didn't do them, I was stiff for days. I make them my priority now when I come home from a run :-) xxx

  • I always mean to, as I know what a difference they make. But as I got home at 9pm, DD2 (who should have been in bed at 8.30) was at the garage at the end of our road wanting to make sure she'd got lights, pump etc. all sorted on her bike. So by the time we'd got that done and I realised that DD1 hadn't started getting ready for bed either, stretching was so far out of my mind!

    Next time...! ;)

  • Sorry to hear about your dizzy spell poppypug. Definitely mention it to your doctor. Are you drinking enough? The shaking could be the shock? Feeling dizzy like that is frightening. I hope you feel better now and you did the right thing in not going out for a run!

    I am in the middle of doing week 8 but have been too tired after work to go out which is unfortunate because the lighter evenings are almost upon us and I shall have to run in daylight. I'm going to go out tomorrow as I have a day off and try out my new trainers! Some of my run weeks have taken two weeks to complete but I can't make myself go, I have to go when I feel like it, not just because one day has gone by since I last went out.

    I've felt a bit low with myself for not having lost any weight. I seem to have no control over myself when it comes to food. I'm trying not to eat too much and had hoped the running thing would help me not to eat too much but then I get my food gremlin (my greedy little adipose gremlin that sits on my shoulder with that smug smile on his face) telling me I need to eat my husbands choccy biscuits! I just give in when my mind switches sides!

    Sorry, I'm waffling!

    Hope all you runners out there are well...............

  • Thank you xxx

    Yes I will probably toddle off to the docs I think. How lucky was I though yesterday having a Doctor AND Nurse looking after me :-)

    Thank you for your kind concern and I know exactly where youre coming from with the grub. I always have that little devil on my shoulder too .

    Hang on in there Chrys, we can do this ! :-) xxx

  • I just thought I'd leave e small note about my early progress;- am now on my 3rd week. The first week was an eye- opener especially as I ran too strongly. So I slowed down,-it worked! ,- I cannot keep to a regular 3 seperate days,twice I have run days together as my job dictates; its amiracle I am still in one piece,but knowing how my endures her illness- it keeps me going. I want to a chieve a run which takes place every year,20 odd miles,around the river Orwell;-to raise money for Vasculitis UK. My wife has a rare illness which is incurable.

  • So sorry to hear about your wife, Stevy, that must be so hard for you both .

    Are you following the C25k podcasts ? xxxx

  • I have been trying to up my speed a little by using a virtual pacer on my phone and going back to week 5. I managed two lots of W5R1 and this morning I ran W5R2. I really needed those walking intervals! Running with a pacer feels a bit relentless - I need to go for a nice long slow run to remind myself why I like running!

  • Yes I agree, it can seem very relentless. I always end up feeling a bit sick when I try to go " faster " , I just go with the flow now , whatever I feel like on the day :-) xxx

  • Sorry to hear you were not feeling great poppypug, hope you get it sorted.

    After this morning I am now 2/3 of the way through week 8 and can really see the end in sight. This mornings run was also my best to date, just felt so much easier for some reason. The last couple have taken it out of me, particularly W7R3.

    The running portion of the podcast was also 4.8Km, so I'm almost at the 5Km.

    My breathing technique is really my problem area, if I get that nailed then I have a good run. If I mess it up and don't concentrate on it then I have a bad run.

    If I make it to the end of next week I think I'll be at a bit of a crossroads of how to take this forward.

    I want to do a local run in May, but they have a 5K and a 10K option. I'm not sure if I should work on the 5K distance and try and perfect it a bit or to push on and try and run the 10K.

  • Thank you xxxx

    I really wouldnt worry about what distance you are covering at the moment . As long as your running for the time stated , thats the main thing ,as youre building up stamina .

    I do sympathise with the breathing , I was all over the place when I started but now I do in for 4 out for 4 , it seems to calm everything down .

    Keep going youre doing great ! :-) xxx

  • Tentatively giving notice of my intent to run tonight, on the basis that if I whisper it here, I might actually have to go and do it... ;) Part of me really wants to (as always while I'm at work!) - but I know that once I've got back from taking Young Rainbow to her gym club and nagged her to bed, the enthusiasm will have gone and the couch will beckon alluringly...

  • Nope. Not happening. *sigh*

    I'd forgotten that Mr Rainbow was out tonight. By the time Gymnast and I got back, Teen Rainbow was stressing over the cake she's made for tomorrow, and hadn't started getting ready for bed. Both finally settling down but I'm exhausted & Mr Rainbow isn't home yet. So I'm making a cup of Sleepy Tea and will have an early night instead!

  • Week 9 Run 1 ticked off this morning, on to the home stretch now!

  • Happy with my total distance of 14k this week, over 3 runs, as I haven't been running regularly for a few weeks.

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