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Weekly run chat 2nd to the 8th of October πŸ’₯

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Please feel free to share your runs here and chat about how it's all going,

Sometimes we don't feel like putting a whole post up but just want to share something small, so this is a great place for doing that during the week.

If youre a lurker it is a great place to say a little hi without the pressure of a full post.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy week,

Juju and Realfoodieclub


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Once I totter back from a day out, my diary says I'm running 30 minutes tonight ... for the third time. I can't believe I've almost got there. I've run on holiday in lovely flat Suffolk and round a ridiculously hilly block in South Devon (which made me repeat the week to be on the safe side), and now I'm back in mountainous mid Wales I'm being selective about the 'flat' routes. But I'm almost there, and just hope that I won't be too nervous to get my pumps on when I get home.

Isn't it funny, this running caper. I used to run, but like Forrest Gump - like a rat up a drainpipe until I went puce and had to stop, and I've started again so many times I've lost count. This podcast and group have been amazing. I never, ever thought I'd get there. Think of me at about 5 o'clock this evening ... especially if it's pouring with rain. In fact it might be good if it is - because I'm feeling as though I might shed a tear or two, getting this far ... and nobody would notice in the rain! :)

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Was a bit nervous about week 4 as it is a bit of a step up, but just got back from W4R1 and it was great. Well done legs ;)

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Rachael84Graduate in reply to Copperbird

Well done you!

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So today's run (consolidation) turned out to be one of those mornings that will hopefully stick in the memory for a long while. Out the door at 6am, to a clear sky full of stars, legs felt good and with some lively tunes to listen too and clear and empty roads to run on - all good - and then to top it all as I ran along in the dark a barn owl drifted past on my right hand side - slowly crossed in front of me and then glided off across the fields, perfect.

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ju-ju-Graduate in reply to RunForestR

I've seen an owl once- amazing!!

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RunForestRGraduate in reply to ju-ju-

we're very lucky we have some nesting pairs around us that you sometimes see Hunting at Dawn and Dusk - but this was the closest I've ever been to one of them in the wild.

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ju-ju-Graduate in reply to RunForestR

I was in the woods and it just stared at me as I ran past from a branch in the tree, it was one of those really 'special' moments on a run...

Hey all.. done with my w1r2.. read somewhere. "no matter how slow you go, you are still lapping the people on the couch"..

Inspiring to read through other people's progress. Thanks all.

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W8R2 done. Slower than R1 but it was getting dark! Just below my knees hurt a little as I ran down the hill at the end and I had to do a sort of prancing pony step to make it not hurt. I looked ridiculous but no-one was around and it was even darker at this point!

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Did w8r2 with my brother on Wednesday, the first time I have run with someone else and taken a different route, goodness me it was hard going, he incorporated lots of hills and my brain was saying no way but my body just kept moving. I can’t believe I kept going and because I still had 3 minutes left to run I had to carry on past the house and back again to make it up, not sure when this happened but I just couldn’t cheat myself out of the extra 3 mins! The hardness of W1r1 seems like a distant memory now!

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RunForestRGraduate in reply to Rachael84

well done you and for and for showing your brother how it's done.

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Rachael84Graduate in reply to RunForestR

Thank you ☺️

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Just finished week 1 today and I'm feeling good so far. Looking forward to doing week 2.

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ashwingr8 in reply to DaveMcK

Im done with my week 1 today too. All the best for week2 Dave.

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DaveMcKGraduate in reply to ashwingr8

You too Ash.

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RunForestRGraduate in reply to DaveMcK

Well done - keep it up

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DaveMcKGraduate in reply to RunForestR

Thank you

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Rachael84Graduate in reply to DaveMcK

I found week 1 the hardest weeks so well done, keep at it

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DaveMcKGraduate in reply to Rachael84

Thank you

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wasnt planning on sneaking week 6 run 1 in this week but i did. Sad to day I am runningout of footpath on the route i use will have to extend into the park arghh dogs

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just pondering whether to graduate today or tomorrow! Trying to fit it in with picking up some plants from a nearby mate but I don't think running with plants is feasible!

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Polly2810Graduate in reply to icklegui

Haha no running with plants possibly not gonna work!!

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GiGillGraduate in reply to icklegui

That made me laugh! Take the extra day's rest, it won't hurt! Feel good for your graduation day!

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ickleguiGraduate in reply to GiGill

it'll be a Monday, I'll need all the feelgood I can get! Wish I could run from work actually as I'll be working away somewhere very countrysidey.

I'm finally getting back into running after a four month gap (it was just too hot over summer!). Amazingly, I haven't had to start at the beginning again; I've done one 15 minutes run and two 20 minutes over the last ten week or so, and they were hard but I survived all three. Some of it is probably lingering fitness, but more I think it's that the mind training that's more crucial.

Anyway, very glad to be running again, even if I have got the odd blister.

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