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Embracing my Achilles Heel!!! :-)

Embracing my Achilles Heel!!! :-)

For some reason (probably fitness!!) I have always struggled with not being able to run longer distances without taking the odd walk break. Now... taking a walk break is no disgrace, and I know that many people do and its certainly not to be frowned upon.

Normally I run until my brain/legs/lungs (one or all three!) decide that I need a little walk break of perhaps 30-60 seconds. But today I decided to do my long run on a 4/1 run/walk ratio and thanks to my Garmin I had little prompts every 1 or 4 minutes depending on which internal I was completing.

I ended up going on 50/50 off road / on road route and was able to clock up 15km which I was very pleased with.

Think I'll be experimenting with these scheduled walks further and perhaps see what difference it makes when running the whole route on roads... mud, gates and stiles do slow you down a bit!!

I know that there is a lot of information out there about run/walks and Jeff Galloway has made a successful career out of it!!

Think I'll take it a bit easier this week as I have my first 10k "race" (hahahahaha) of the year next Sunday.

Happy New Running Year folks :-)

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Well done Andy. I really like run/walk too. Doing it in a programmed way always feels better than just taking a break when you feel you need it.


I also love run-walks. I don't mind them scheduled or not. It's fun to tinker with the run/walk times to figure out what really clicks for you.

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