My most important lesson this year

Some of you may remember how dissapointed i was that i wasnt able to graduate before my birthday so i wanted to come back and let you all know what an important lesson that was for me.

Ive learned to stop putting time limits on myself. All they do is set me up for dissappointment and make me feel like ive failed and i completely miss what ive actually achieved.

A few months ago now i decided i wanted to have graduated couch 2 5k by my birthday and had a weight goal for Christmas. I was so hung up on missing my deadline that i missed the fact that i completed 7 weeks and only stopped there as i was injured and still need to heal not due to some failing on my part.

Ive actually hit my weight loss target early but this time im not relaxing and thinking oh im at my target, job done.

Im now setting new targets, who needs to wait for new year, ive got a new weight loss goal and i will finish c25k, no matter how long those take me to reach, im no longer burdening myself with time limits.

Ill celebrate each goal i reach and move on to the next one. Thank you all for the support so far, i can hardly believe how much ive changed already

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9 Replies

  • That's such a good attitude - set milestones to celebrate how far you've come, but don't beat yourself up if it's a bumpy route. The work and the will to get there is what counts!

  • Have a terrific Christmas and then come back stronger than ever. As Laura would say, "You can do this!" .

  • That sounds like huge progress to me! I know how easy it is to set a target, and get so focussed on blame for missing it that you forget to see all the positives. But what a revelation when you do manage to turn it round. (And yes, I'm trying not to be bothered that I started C25K in April and won't have finished it by the end of the year! Instead, I'm trying to celebrate the fact that I can now run without my knee twinging during or after, and although progress is very slow, I'm at least progressing...)

  • It's a journey with ups and downs, progress and back tracking. The most important thing is to keep at it, and have fun while you do

  • Great post, I'm sure your determination will get you to your goal eventually. :-)

  • Well that is just brilliant! Well done dipdab! I am so pleased for you. What a great thing to realise, don't put time limits on yourself, achieve things as and when you do and celebrate them, however small, whenever they occur. Congratulations! xx :)

  • So pleased you realize how well you've done! I admire your determination to see it through and your insight that there is no rush. You'll get there... and congratulations on the weight loss. Good luck with the new goals - but if the goals need tweaking due to "life", then tweak them. Nobody minds, as long as you get there.

  • Got right mindset there ! I read somewhere directly or indirectly from info off this site what some scientist say. The say that at whatever age you take up running that you could have 7 years of improvement.

    I say to myself well slow down I don't want to peak too soon !

  • Celebrate each goal you reach. Perfect attitude. Well done on every goal dipdab, even setting them is an achievement. So is modifying them. You have done wonderfully and with that mindset, you'll have a lot of celebrating ahead. :)

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