Is anyone doing the c25k training for a specific event/ race this year?

I've mentioned that I'm training for my first ever 10k in posts before I know, but im curious if any of you are working towars a specific event/ race. After reading a running magazine, I have realised how many events happen all the time around the country. I know myself enough to know that I need a goal to work towards otherwise I'll give up. Now I see all these wonderful events going on in beautiful places like Bologna, Barcelona, Tromsø, Riga. It's so exciting to think I could combine a trip to somewhere interesting with an exhilarating race theretoo! What on earth is happening to me.., I'm sure there are some subliminal messages in these podcasts that make your addicted to running!! :-) before I hated even breaking out into a sweat!!


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  • Hi, Good luck with your training.. I am running the race for life event locally in June and there is another local race locally ... 10k in July...I've just finished w9 run 3 this week (woohoo) so need these challenges to aim for now. Imagine though booking holiday and race at the same that is exciting! Mind you I just googled running routes around the hotel we have booked for a weekend away in wales soon.....this is getting addictive..!

  • Planning on the 10K Major series in October to rasie money for the hospis my farther was in when he died of cancer 10 years ago. I havent told anyone yet as i want to pass wk9 first and BF thinks i stupid and wont do it....why do men like to belittle women? Or is he just jellus that im doing it?

  • Great news both of you ladies. It's really not nice when someone tries to put you down but the best way to show them up a treat and make them feel stupid is to go out and do it and have the time of your life! Life is for living and experiencing and achieving your dreams, don't ever give anyone the permission to make you feel bad about anything you achieve in life. Xx

  • Thanks, when i showed him the major series on the web all he said was " I dont understand why any woman would want to do that" All I thought was 'thanks for the F***ing suport ill show you' i think like you say its given me more fuel and determination to SHOW him and i know for a fact i will bloody well ENJOY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yes i am registered for the Jane tomliinson 10k, in August. i am a complete newbie but trying to lose weight and recently stopped smoking and used to be out of breath just climbing the stairs. so feeling very proud of myself for completing week 2 and enjoying week3, i registered for a run so i was not tempted to give up but i dont think i would have given up, am loving it and get a bit sad on "rest day"! good luck with your event :-)

  • Yes Misstrolly - I am doing the Bupa London 10k in May and the Ealing Half Marathon in September - I live in Ealing and the race goes past my door (and past my church during the Sunday morning service! people have threatened to come out and sing a hymn as I go past :-0) so it seemed rude not to! On balance, however, I think I'd rather go to Barcelona :-).

    Agree - totally addicted :-)

  • Yes I'm having a mid-life crisis and have signed up for the XRunner Water Wipeout on my 42nd birthday - 88 days and counting. So I not only need to be able to run 5k through mud, but also haul my body over and under lots of obstacles along the way!!!

    It is all for a good cause as I'm raising money for TwentyTwenty a local charity that supports young people.

    Week6r2 first thing tomorrow, 15 pounds weight lost so far and currently on target to reach my ideal weight for the race day:-)

    Hope your training continues to go well.

    Good running!

  • Wow all these events sound fantastic! Some great motivation on this forum:) I'm so glad I found it and hope when you all graduate you will still come by and visit to share how you got on doing those races! ;)

  • I'm aiming for the Macmillan 10k in Regents Park on Father's Day!

  • I signed myself up for a 10 mile race on Good Friday....gulp.....

    Got to put my money where my mouth is sometime :-D

  • Hoping for a 5k in May around the town where I live. I know it's a short distance but hand on heart I can say that I have never run that far so it will be a major achievement! As for people putting you down - I think anyone who is a bit sporty already can never understand why other people are not - so remember to measure your achievement relative to your own standards and don't listen to the naysayers!

  • Me me I am..... I started c25k about 6 months ago and QUIT. I will be 45 in August and wanted a goal. I signed up for the SeeJane 5K on June 3rd. Exaclty 9 weeks from when I started training. I hope the incentive will keep on track with the program. Good luck to all the runners.,.,,,

  • I have just start on run 2 of week 1 and already finding it really hard. I am running for two reasons. Biggest reason is that I am getting married in November, wanted a way to help me lose weight that wasn't going to break the bank.

    I am also doing race for life 5K in July so would like to be able to finish it with out passing out.

  • I'm running the Race for Life in June locally. Did it a few years back and walked, this time I will be running. Looking forward to it!

    May even look for a 10k....maybe!

  • Even though I finished c25k last year and went on to do 5k distance around the lanes locally I have always been a bit ambivalent about entering a real race. I am on week 5 currently and have been looking at a 5k Race for Life in July - its only 5 miles from where I live and I should be able to do 5k by then........ Maybe I should give it a go this time?

  • Yes - you should!! No have done the distance!

  • Go for it bizzy bee :) it's a great goal to work towards

  • I didnt have any goals other than actually completing the C25K plan, but now I would really love to join a parkrun and log a time and then beat it a month later!

  • Me too, me too - just graduated from C25K and working out when would be best for my first parkrun.... I just get so competitive sometimes (with myself!!)

  • I'm signed up for the British 10k London in July - arggghhh mad lol - still only on week 4 but I'll get there :-) I'm also considering doing the Race for Life in July and I'd love to do a Spartan race too :-)

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