Very down - but not out!

Procrastinated for hours, finding every stupid reason not to do W2R2 today. Being honest, I was dreading it! Finally got moving despite myself, then the technology failed, so no Laura; tried to do it for myself with my watch, failed abysmally and in the end gave up, walked (briskly) home, went to the gym (penance!!). Fed up with myself and pretty demoralised ... BUT I'll now try W2R2 again on Friday. Not giving up ....


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10 Replies

  • It's important not to give up. I once ran in the park (I normally run in the gym) and my phone ended up falling out of my pocket while I ran. Luckily, nothing bad happened to it or me, but it was enough to put me off. I tried again the next day and I now avoid parks :)

  • I had a technology failure on Wk1R1 and "made it up as I went along", over did it, and ended up with a very sore hip for about 3 days! So can understand your frustration. It is disappointing when you've motivated yourself to get out there, and then it goes wrong.

    But its great that you are not going to give up... this blip will be a distant memory in a few weeks. Slow and steady is all what's needed and you'll be fine. Good luck!

  • The technology failed but you didn't! Just a blip, we all had that doing c25k, no never give up! So, carry on regardless!😊

  • I'm so glad you're not "out" - and that you're not giving up. What a lousy string of events that could've made a lesser person head for the duvet. Well done!!

  • Doing something is better than doing nothing! too many people try to be all or nothing with fitness (I've been terrible for this!). Don't let a tech problem detract from your achievement. You went out despite a lack of motivation and did what you could. No one can fault you for that, and you shouldn't either! keep it up!

  • Friday will come and you WlLL do this! Believe in yourself and it will happen x

  • Sounds like the gremlins were out in force today but you went out and had a go which is good. Shame about the technology fail - it is much harder to do it by looking at your watching that by listening to Laura. I know because I had a few technology fails myself! I's partly psychological but I think there is a physical element in that if you're checking your watch all the time it's likely to be affecting your arm movements, your posture and therefore your breathing. So, on Friday go out, run tall and open, breathing well, and flatten those gremlins - you can do it!

  • Best suggestion so far ... duvet! ... night night everyone, tomorrow's another day ... just might try again tomorrow rather than wait until Friday?

  • Don't give up please. You have no idea of how great the payoff is the more you progress.

    And it is about progress, NOT Perfection :)

  • Ah - what was it they said on Mastermind - "I've started so I'll finish", which is really the mindset we need for C25K. I've done it before and run over 10K but now I'm like you on week 2 again after an accident and just realising how daunting it can be if you haven't run before or in a while. One of the reasons it feels difficult to begin with is that our bodies are adapting to running and changing - it's not just our muscles getting stronger, it's our lungs needing to change to enable us to run, longer/further/faster:

    "1. The endurance capacity of your respiratory muscles – including the diaphragm and intercostal muscles – increases, allowing deeper, fuller and more efficient breaths when you run.

    2. With regular training you grow more capillaries, which means you can get more oxygen to your muscles quicker.

    3. The more you run, the more alveoli you grow. These take oxygen and transport it into the capillaries."

    So basically, your lungs are growing new bits to help you run more easily - which I think is blooming amazing. Stick with the plan and it will get easier. As for technology blips, I find it amazing how easily they can throw me out of kilter - you're not he first to abandon a run because of them - good luck tomorrow - you'll do it. :)

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