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W6R3 done but.... crikey, it felt tricky today

Done it but didn't find it easy. Couldn't get comfortable in new trainers so the aches and pains started to appear. Laura died on my a few minutes in - hadn't charged my player and it had ran out of juice so had to plod on and just use the watch to work to the 25 minutes. Checked my watch after what felt like 20 minutes to boost my morale and found I had only ran for ten minutes and had another 15 minutes left. A definite face palm moment. So I learnt some valuable lessons today - have a charged player, don't use new trainers on a "signpost" run until they're broken in and not make things harder, but on a positive note I also learnt that some irritating aches and pains are often more of a mental niggle and if you ignore them they'll go away.

Anyway, onwards and upwards, looking forward to a few more 25 minute runs now to get acclimatised to them properly, the additional minutes now seem much more do-able in terms of stepping up the time compared to previous weeks - if I can more than double my running time in week 5, surely 25 to 28 and 30 minutes isn't such a huge, scary leap. Well, that's what I'm telling myself anyway 😂.

Take care folks. Thanks as always for listening to my witterings, and for the wisdom and advice I get from the posts on here - would be a much harder journey without you here. X

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A big well done to you especially with a few obstacles to overcome. Just remember if this was easy then everybody would be doing it. And they're not. You're doing brilliantly.


Hope the aches and pains have gone


Thanks Mollydex. Due to family and work issues I'm struggling to get enough runs in to move on, only managing to run every 4 to 5 days - haven't dropped back or given up, but still on 25 minute runs and they feel really hard because the gaps between are too long. Thankfully managed to get one in today and work and family issues have subsided a little so hoping to build on it and move on to week 8 by mid-week and fingers crossed get over the W9R3 finishing line by Christmas Day - that's the aim anyway, fingers crossed! X


Well that sounds ok to me . Every 4/5 days is a lot more than the average person does . If you are on 25 min runs you are so near graduation. . Keep going you are doing well .


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